Yes, it’s decaf, alright?

Woman: “Can I have a decaf cappuccino please?” Me: “Yes, I’ll bring it out to you.” Me, arriving with the drink: “Here’s your drink.” Woman: “Is it decaf?” Me: “Yes.” Woman, narrowing her eyes: “Is it definitely decaf?” Me: “Yep.”

Ok, what on earth was that about? What did she expect my response to her last question to be? “O I’m sorry, you’re asking if it’s DEFINITELY decaf? Well then no, it’s not.” After the first time you’ve asked, if I haven’t checked back with you what it was, it means I’ve got it, just the one time is fine. You may be desperately allergic to caffeinated coffee, fair enough, but the severity of your allergy does not mean the level of my ability to retain information has gone down.

So, what have I started this blog for? To rant about the public? Surprisingly, no. I like more people than I dislike. The reason at the moment is that I’m not sure. A few things are different and new at the moment so this is one of those things I’ve thought about so have decided I’m going to give it a try. And there’s no time like the present, which is why I’m doing it on my phone at 11.40pm at a friend’s house. Who are Danda and Yaya? My friend’s granddaughter calls him Danda and her older brother Yaya. But like Laszlo from the book Grace, Tamar and Laszlo The Beautiful, they will not be the main features. The main feature will probably include food, coffee, and any good books I’m reading, although don’t hold me to that. Tomorrow I may ruminate on the welfare state, so watch out (!).

No, Danda and Yaya sound fun, they sound different, foreign, exciting. Their adventures could involve pirates, deadly snakes, a fight for a beautiful princess. Yet coffee, textbooks and a cooking obsession sound quite ordinary. And who wants ordinary? Danda and Yaya are my inspiration for at least making this corner of my life, this blog, something adventurous and new, a way to explore a new world in my head, to explore more possibilities.

This blog could be a non starter or it could be really great fun. An adventure. I’m intrigued to see what will happen. Here goes!

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