Ten things I have learned

1. My tummy is never as big as I think it is (or rather, ‘hope’ as I look longingly at the last bit of cake).

2. Most people are a little bit bored by their jobs.

3. People like to shorten words (e.g. ‘goss’ or ‘probs’)

4. Taking a cold shower is horrible.

5. Steaming milk to make a cappuccino is a fine art.

6. Most people thrive off the drama in their lives that they moan about.

7. Walking makes you feel better.

8. Sometimes, discussing all your problems is the worst thing you can do.

9. Making your own chicken stock is more trouble than it’s worth.

10. If you can’t walk in them, don’t wear them.

O! And one more…

11. Denying the existence of the muffin top doesn’t mean it’s not there.

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  1. They’re all true!


  2. Number 6 is so SPOT ON. And also annoying. HAHA!


  3. Hi there! I found this post through Rian’s “Freshly Press Yourself” post and I think it’s hilarious! I especially like #11…so true!


  4. Ah, number 6 and number 10. I’m sure that I’m guilty of both of them too.


  5. Nothing in life is more true than number 9. Seriously, people. It’s chicken stock. JUST BUY IT!


  6. Seriously?? I’ve been wishing away my muffin top for like 9 months now. I can’t believe it isn’t working! haha Found you on Truth and Cake. Good post!


  7. I am with you on the muffin top. I’ve found that when I am getting dressed I should just dwell on the worst angle view of myself in the mirror, and that is probably what everyone might notice. I have learned to love my body regardless of a muffin top or not, but denying it’s existence would be naive.


  8. I live by # 10. My feet are too precious to destroy for the sake of shoes, no matter how pretty those shoes may be!


    • Good to hear! An ill-conceived shoe purchase can tear your feet apart. Sometimes I see girls wobbling around on top of a pair of heels and I just wonder why they are wearing shoes they are almost falling over in. It doesn’t look cool. Not at all.


      • I love shoes, but I love my feet more. My biggest struggle is that my feet are so very tiny. It’s so hard to find a cute pair that fits!

      • I can empathise with the whole awkward-feet thing. Mine are quite Bigfoot-ish. I lived in Africa for a while and would often not wear shoes so now I’m really flat footed and burst out the sides of ‘pretty’ shoes!

      • I can commiserate there too. My feet have almost no arch, so I feel your pain. What were you living in Africa for?

      • I moved over there when I was 18. It started out as a gap year, running a local town newspaper. But when I came back to England, I didn’t like it as much. So i moved back there for a while and worked as a travel consultant.

      • Wow that’s an amazing story! Travel is one of those things that helps you grow.

  9. I found you through Truth and Cake! First, eat the cake. No one cares about your tummy but you, and cake is good! And #6 is soooo true. Thanks for sharing this!
    amber @ theusualbliss.com


    • Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I definitely agree about cake being good! I make so much of it that there has to be a limit though – however much I wish there didn’t. I also work around cake. High potential for disaster!


  10. Oh my goodness… a cold shower is absolutely torturous! I had to endure lukewarm showers over the past week during a vacation and I am so happy to experience some blazing hot water now that I’m home.


    • O yeh! I forgot about when you have to have cold showers when you’re on holiday. I can’t remember a single time in South East Asia when I showered and it wasn’t freezing. O wait, one time we stayed in a fairly nice hotel and it was a bit warm and we were so excited!


  11. Great list!
    Found you from Truth and Cake.
    I love #10 – reminds me of all the girls after Melbourne Cup day.
    And I refuse to acknowledge #11…because I am currently in denial. πŸ™‚


  12. Posted by asignoflife on July 13, 2012 at 17:40

    Ha great list! Particularly the last one…


  13. I wistfully agree with #10 – but still own a few pair of toe twistingly fabulous shoes. πŸ˜‰


    • I feel this is ok. Everyone has silly, but beautiful, purchases. Shoes that pinch a bit, dresses that don’t quite fit, scarves that don’t provide any warmth. We can be forgiven these.


      • Or those beautiful scarves which make us to sweat in summer and yet into the hot sun we venture, thus clad. This is my worst silliness – but I embrace it – and a very good deodorant. πŸ˜‰

      • Yeh! I can think of at least three I own which belong in this category. So silly. Good thinking with the deodorant though!

  14. Number 6 and 7 couldnt be more true! Such a cute list! x


    • Thanks so much. And yes, walking does always make you feel better, no matter what. People should try it more often. There’d probably be less crime (don’t quote me on that one though!).


      • I truly believe walking is the answer to most problems!
        What really annoys me is people who complain that they’re bored or have nothing to do when they could just go out and go for a walk! Makes you feel better and it’s good for your health! Win win!
        I love your blog by the way! Have read quite a few posts! X

      • I’m glad you like it. And maybe we should suggest walking to the UN as a non confrontational peaceful resolution to war…?

  15. So, so true. Another lesson I like is people don’t notice your mistakes as much as you think.


    • Omygoodness that is SO true! I’m so self conscious when I cook or bake for people and of course they never say, oo yes that could’ve done with a bit more baking powder but a bit less flour. Of course they don’t even notice but there’s a little voice telling me they did notice and they hate it.


  16. I’ve learned that the more people complain about how much they hate drama, the more drama they have/create in their lives, and the more I avoid those people. Great list!

    P.S. I can’t figure out what “goss” is short for, I even googled it. Please explain πŸ™‚


  17. Thank you! All so true… still struggling with the truth at nearly 75!


  18. I learned my lessons early- #10 in my 20s #8 in my 30s and now that i’m 40 and fabuous- #6 is just something I no longer tolerate. In fact I feel my purpose is to show people the positive, forward-driven way of thinking. I love list posts and found you through Truth and Cake- awesome blog!


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