I is for…


That’s right. iChoc. There is a product, a chocolate product obviously, called iChoc.

It started with iPod (did it?) which was fine. It’s a marketing thing, that’s the name they’ve come up with, that’s ok. Then there was iPhone. iPad. iTunes. iPlayer. iPhone touch. iMovie. iLife (apparently). iThis. iThat. iNonsense. And we somehow, by some jump in logic, got to iChoc.

Ok, what do all the iThings have in common? They are made by the same company and are electronic-type things. Great. I’m on board. It’s still a bit of an iOverload but iCan take it.

And then iSaw the iChocs. Are they electronic?…. Made by a computer company?… A bit new fangled and moderny?… The answer to all these is a big fat iNo. It’s just chocolate. It’s wrapped in colourful foil, pink, blue, yellow etc. On the packaging is a picture of a microphone. That’s iCheating isn’t it? Really? You can’t just take normal chocolates, see a successful marketing strategy and tag your product onto it, simply by drawing a picture of a microphone on the package. What’s ‘i’ about that?! Seriously? What’s ‘i’ about chocolate in colourful foil wrappers with a small picture of a microphone? That annoyed me, seeing that product. iRidiculous.

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