Another revision day

I was trying to think of non-exam things to write about so my blogs don’t get repetitive and boring. But unfortunately, I can’t. Implied Trusts of the Home is filling my entire brain space. I don’t even have any good stories from the land law exam yesterday. I just went in, wrote, then left. I didn’t feel any strong surges of emotion in any direction really, once I’d finished it.

I guess there was one minor thing which went a bit wrong, because it looked messy. I got mid way into discussing the requirements for easements and then got caught up in the moment and moved straight on to how the easements were acquired, without finishing my requirement checklist. So I finished the checklist and put an arrow back up to where it needed to go in and some little squiggles so the marker knew where to look for the next bit. So then I had to do another squiggle to match up the bit above with the bit about acquisition underneath. And another one because it wasn’t clear. And soon it was squiggle mania and starting to get quite humorous. Because they had to be different squiggles so that it was clear what bit to look at next. I did a star, a blob and a triangle. It looked like a child had grabbed my paper and drawn all over it.

O well. All the information was in there. Just not necessarily in a very clear way.

Ok. Equity and Trusts exam tomorrow. I’m realising that I spent quite a long time studying for my land exam and a bit worried that I only really have today to do this one.

Also, my ‘snack tab’ at the deli is getting huge. I should start eating proper meals again….

3 responses to this post.

  1. Squiggle it, just a little bit
    I wanna see you squiggle it…
    Acid groove!


  2. Hey Laura – I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


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