I’d like to thank…

A rather surprising thing happened to me. I was nominated for another blogging award. A ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award. How exciting is that? My half-demented, undirected ramblings have been inspiring to someone?! So, channelling my inner Bjork… I am a grateful.. grapefruit.

Thanks to David McGowan firstly, for nominating me. He’s written a very good book calledThe Hunter Inside, and his blog is great for tips on writing (real writing, not random anecdotes, like mine…).

So the rules are that I have to tell David (everyone) seven things about myself. Ok, I’ll try not to repeat the ones I did last time.

1. I’m very particular about which mug my tea is in. I like a big mug but the sides shouldn’t be slanting in or out or anything. I like a straight-sided big-than-your-average mug. With a handle I can get all my fingers into. None of this curly fancy nonsense, that you can only get your first two fingers into. All fingers in the handle and a large, solidly built mug, please. It makes it taste better.

2. Midway through last week (my exam week), I stopped brushing my hair. I haven’t started again yet.

3. In a low point last week, I started eating cake decorations, specifically small sugar hearts and edible red carnation petals. That was a time I’d rather forget.

4. I lost my trainers about two weeks ago and have been too lazy to look for them. (See why I gave myself that name now? LazyLauraMaisey?) I also lost my bank card a few days ago and am sure it will ‘turn up’.

5. I make a lot of my own cake ingredient stuff. Today’s banana bread has homemade butter, homemade buttermilk and homemade vanilla extract in it.

6. I have old-lady hands. Because I work in a deli and sometimes in the kitchen, I’m constantly washing up, using cleaning spray/wipes, burning myself, ripping my fingers apart on the clingfilm thing etc. So I spend at least an hour a day moisturising my hands. I then wash some dishes and it comes off. So I reapply it. Then I make some coffees and it comes off, so I reapply it. Then I’m taking/giving money so it comes off. So I reapply it. Etc etc.

7. I just ate a muffin.

Now I need to nominate 15 blogs that I find inspiring.

1. Marion Retires – Inspiring because… She makes me envy her fantastic life. Given that I’m 27 years old and envying someone in their retirement (traditionally a slightly more boring part of life, the immediate associations being gardening and knitting), she’s clearly got it right. She’s fantastic, her blog is fantastic. If I retire as successfully as her, I’ll be pretty pleased.

2. lifeinthedrivethru – Inspiring because… He handles the public so well. Then blogs his real thoughts. It’s like reading my own thoughts sometimes! It’s hilarious.

3. , – Inspiring because… They’re such beautiful pictures. This is my favourite recent one –Lucile Prache

4. A Historic Virginia Plantation – Inspiring because… Again the photos are beautiful. I like reading the posts and imagining a life of such grandeur for myself.

5. Liberty Books Blog – Inspiring because… It’s about people who use literature to try and effect positive change. Literature and positive change are two of my favourite things.

6. Grumpy Comments – Inspiring because… He’s pretty hilarious. His encounter at the hairdresser’s was fantastic.

7. Vicky… the Northern Chicky – Inspiring because… well, the title of the blog says it all = “Wacky Diary of Adventures Moving to Myrtle Beach (or Cape Cod) with 5 Kids!”

8. Go Bake Yourself – Inspiring because… If I’m feeling uninspired in the kitchen, I browse around and get inspiration. This cherry chocolate cheesecake, for example, sounds fabulous.

9. Bucket List Publications – Inspiring because… it is definitely NOT boring! Skydiving, biplaning… It’s all going on here.

10. The Better Man Project – Inspiring because… “The world needs better men. This blog is simply my journey to becoming a better man every day and the lessons I learn along the way.”

11. PhotoBotos.com – Inspiring because… I like looking at pretty pictures. This blog has pretty pictures.

12. Nerdy After Thirty – Inspiring because… It is well written and honest and good fun.

13. Just Homemade – Inspiring because… I love homemade.

14. From Scratch Club – Inspiring because… Similar to Go Bake Yourself. I come here when I’m feeling uninspired in the kitchen.

15. David McGowan – I don’t know whether this is the conventional thing to do but I’m going to nominate the person who nominated me, because he is inspiring too.

9 responses to this post.

  1. I have old lady hands too:(..but if you use facial scrub on your hands at night and moisturise that helps a lot.:)


  2. […] have some great news to share with you – I was awarded the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Lazy Laura Maisey! Thank you so much my friend, most […]


  3. Thank you Laura. I have just added your blog to my nominations for Inspirational Blogger. I think the awards are magnificent but you simply have to stop nominating me. I do not deserve it!


  4. My old comment didn’t seem to come up but thank you so much for nominating me 😀
    It means a lot and the pingback was so sweet!
    You definitely deserve the award!

    Choc Chip Uru


  5. […] have some great news to share with you – I was awarded the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Lazy Laura Maisey! Thank you so much my friend, most kind […]


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