No..! Another…? Me…? Another award…? No!

Well, it’s a tough job. But someone’s got to do it.

I’d like to thank David McGowan yet again, for another award! David’s book, The Hunter Inside is fabulous. I’m in the middle of reading it at the moment and can’t recommend it highly enough.

I’ve been nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award. The rules for this one are that I must tell you all what I’ve been up to recently and nominate six other blogs that I enjoy reading.

Ok, what have I been up to? Well, I’ve taken up swimming (by ‘taken up,’ I mean I’ve been in a pool twice in the last week, I don’t know if that counts) and it’s quite liberating. After some time being only fully clothed in public, to wear a swimming costume and nothing else seemed a bit daunting. But I have now overcome that and am working on a way to deal with the post-swim fuzzy-hair issue that seems standard after being in the pool.

I have also been baking. In the house at the moment are chocolate, orange and ginger flapjacks, cranberry and pecan muffins, a banana bread and half of something called a German Friendship Cake. Oo and some jam, I made orange and ginger jam.

I have been reading a lot too, mainly things of the non-factual type. I had my final exams of my law degree recently and can’t cope with facts for a short while in my recovery period. Fiction, novels, light-heartedness, silliness. That’s where I’m at. I’m kind of in the middle of all of the following books:

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short stories

The First Husband by Laura Dave

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Deborah Moggach

Murder at the Academy Awards by Joan Rivers and Jerrilyn Farmer

Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
The Innocent Man by John Grisham

A Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

The Hunter Inside by David McGowan

And now for my six nominations. Well, I guess I enjoy reading all the blogs I read so it’s hard to pick out six. But I guess what I’ll do is nominate my favourite new blog discoveries, so I’m not repeating anything I’ve said before. Ok, here goes.

1. blackberriesandbloodoranges – I love reading it because it makes my mouth water. The latest post, Strawberry and raspberry sauce in pictures, looks ridiculously good!

2. prettygirlscook – I cook, therefore I am pretty? This blog is great fun. I was extremely jealous when I read the post about the Tuscan Wine Society Tour. I wanted to run away and live in a little old farmhouse in the Italian countryside when I read it.

3. towels packed, will travel – I love reading this blog. It has adventure, excitement, exotic travel and is written well. Everything you could want to perk up a dreary day.

4. Joe’s Shitty Ideas – This blog is just funny. You should read it.

5. clotildajamcracker – It’s honest, it’s humorous and I really like reading it. The lunchtime in my soul is written well and really enjoyable reading.

6. Where are Danny Bent’s books? – This man cycled to India. Cycled. To India. On a bike. Then wrote a book about it called You’ve Gone Too Far This Time, Sir! It’s fantastically written and a joy to read. The blog is about some of his books which are currently travelling around the world. If you’re stuck for a good book to read, I’d recommend this!

Ok, that’s me done. Enjoy your Sunday!!

11 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for the recommendations – some good ones there!


  2. Thanks for recommending us, Laura 🙂


  3. Swimming costume I haven’t been that brave in years…lol..good selection of books, I must revisit F Scott Fitzgerald, like Dickens too but he’s always a slow read.

    Any type of homemade cake for me:D

    I’ll check out some of the blogs , been having trouble finding Brit bloggers.


    • Yeh I really had to talk myself into getting into the costume. I’ve been thinking about going swimming for ages and finally just did it. It was fun. Give it a go. In terms of British bloggers, the first two that spring to mind are MarionRetires (I’m using my phone so can’t put the link in) and David McGowan.


  4. Thanks so much Laura!


  5. These awards are nice – congrats. However, with so many of them circulating, it feels like much. Well, maybe I am just being a bit of curmudgeon. Anyway, I wrote a blog about it and mentioned we bloggers need our own version of the Emmys. I think we could sell the television rights. Are you with me?


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