So far, this holiday has been quite disappointing.


Yes, dinner was lovely, but where was the burglary from the till at gun point?

Yes, the garden is huge and very impressive but where was the old war hero, hiding out in the disused chicken coop because he’d been rejected by society?

Yes, there’s a lamppost at the end of the garden path which is EXACTLY like the one in the forest in Narnia and I got really excited, but where’s the old wardrobe that transports you there?

And yes, the weather was quite nice and sunny, but where was the exciting thunderstorm that we could all be a bit scared of?

And ok, the drive here was great fun and we all sung very loudly to silly pop songs from our childhoods but that is beside the point! Where was high speed car chase and the lorry crash?

Yes! I am in book heaven and there are more books than I can count in this lovely house, but where are the strange voodoo dolls and torture equipment?

There have been no crimes, no mysteries to solve, no forays into another world and no inexplicable natural phenomena.

So unfortunately, thus far, it’s just been loads of fun and really nice.

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  1. Why don’t you and four friends go and find Timmy the dog? Or at least A dog?


  2. Oh and picture proof required!


  3. I didn’t even know you were on holiday!


  4. Posted by rambler5319 on June 16, 2012 at 18:40

    You should also aim to include some of the following in your meals tomorrow if possible: bacon & eggs, toast, cold ham, plum pie & custard (or plums at least), crisp lettuce, red radishes, a jug of creamy milk, choc ices, a bottle of ginger beer. All from the very first book. (Yes I checked – by doing a speed read.) Think this is something you could really get excited about!


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