Search terms

These are things that people have searched for on the internet and ended up at my blog. Some of them must have been gutted as they were clearly looking for some important information and got me instead…

chocolate keys 60 count
large elephant vs bus
graham lockey
beautiful small heart tatoos on up of arm
thanks driver
what happened in laura?
woman and dog sex
law exams last minute
jaberwocky lewis carroll banned
the web of lies
stick figure stupid faces
hairy chat inbox
physical filing made easy
pregnant swimming picture
cow peppa pig
diary of making a wedding cake
chan man sin v a-g of hk
thanks friend but i’m alright
just reg
i wet myself at my ballet
peppa pig evil
scientifically minded wordpress
dinosaur tattoo
n is for spid
dennis hopper song lyrics
gourmet chocolate truffles
winston churchill chose to rebel
fool heavy neck
kindle university library doj
croquet rules hitting someone else’s ball
french word can i have
fat lady in swimming pool
highgate paparazzi
think of the worst manager you’ve ever had
what is art for a. p. herbert
where all can i do skydiving and bungee jumping

12 responses to this post.

  1. Woman and dog sex? I must have missed that post!


  2. Posted by Holly Michael on July 16, 2012 at 06:56

    Wow! I gotta visit your site more often. Some pretty exciting stuff going on!


  3. Surprisingly if you put the phrase “Odd Search Topics” into Google guess how many results? – Out of their billions of pages – Thousands? Hundreds? Actually just 7! A couple I checked are wondering exactly the same as you – How did those (really) odd searches end up at my blog? You are not alone!


    • That’s funny. I would have thought there’d be way more results. I mean, I’ve literally got no idea how elephant vs bus came up. The Z is for… post has an elephant in it but not a bus. There must be far more relevant search results which should’ve come before mine…?


  4. I often marvel at what brings people to my site, I think I should use outraeous tags just for the fun of it, like Dave Gormans Googlewhack.


  5. Posted by pamasaurus on July 16, 2012 at 16:00

    Hahaha, I love this! Sometimes I can’t help but laugh at the stuff that brings people to my blog, too!


  6. […] had a few interesting search terms recently so thought I’d do a second part to my previous Search Terms post. The last search term in this list worries me a bit, although I am pleased that people are […]


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