My love affair with Waitrose

It’s partly because of the cool rush of air that greets you as you enter. It’s partly because of the amount of things that have ‘organic’ written on the label. It’s also kind of because there’s a whole aisle dedicated to yoghurt. Actually, there are plenty of reasons why I have a long-standing love affair with Waitrose. Let me just tell you about what happened last time I went to see the love of my life.

My shopping list had these things on it:
Something for dinner

Let’s enter my head to see what actually happened.

Oo! The cool air rush. Mmm. Nice. Ok, grab a trolley. I wonder if people think I’m a grown-up cause I’ve got a trolley. Hee hee. I love pretending to be a grown up. Oo! There’s an offer on something! Raspberries! I’ll just get one box. And another. Ok, I’ll get four! I can make jam with them. I love making jam….

And so it starts. It’s one of those days. One of those days where I have to have one of everything.

Let me get some bananas for banana bread. And a few aubergines. They’re always good. I guess I’ll make a parmigiana with them. So I need tomatoes. I’ll get some strawberries on the way to the tomatoes. Beetroot! Oo, I like raw beetroot shaved into a salad with smoked salmon and rocket. Laura! Calm down! You don’t need everything! Yes I do, I NEEEEED the beetroot. I need it. Ok then, just get it and shut up. Yesssss, beetroot in trolley. Do I need to stop at the fresh pasta section? Not really, but I like lingering there and looking at it and pretending I’m in Italy. Right, moving on, my favourite sections are coming up. The meat and fish counters. I can feel my eyes lighting up. O no! Here I am in front of the counter ordering tons of fish, before I can stop myself. I’m walking away with a bit of everything, scallops, prawns, squid, mahi-mahi, tilapia, salmon, rainbow trout. What on earth did I do that for?! When can I possibly eat all this fish?! O well. Down the chicken aisle. Oo, what to get? The turkey’s on offer, or some duck? Don’t be ridiculous, why would I get a duck for normal dinner at home. I must learn to distinguish when fancy dinner is required and when to just do normal dinner. Ok, I’ve actually got enough fish to feed an army, so maybe I don’t need any chicken. And so to the yoghurt aisle. Too much choice! Too exciting! The nice Waitrose yoghurts made with Jersey cream are amazing. I’ll get one of each flavour. There are about ten flavours. I don’t need them all but I can’t stop myself. And some of the passionfruit flavour. Mmm. And a large vanilla one. Mmm… And some of the Greek stuff. Omygoodness, there is NO way I’ll be able to get all this home. Ah well, keep going. Skip the freezer aisle. Next aisle, tins and cooking stuff. Actually, I’ve run out of ground ginger and oregano so let me get some of those. Next, to the juice, yessss, they’ve got that iced peach tea, two please. Round to the crackers and cereal aisle. I need oats and I’ll get some crackers too, they’re good to have in. Next aisle, need chocolate for making flapjacks. Eggs, yes please. Sugar, two types please. Flour, yes please. I need hazelnuts too actually. I can feel this is becoming slightly crazy. I can’t stop though. Next aisle, spend a while deliberating over which shampoo and conditioner are most suited to my hair. Last aisle, do I need anymore washing up liquid or clothes softener? Foil? Cling film? No I think I’m fine.

And so I emerge from the last aisle, hurrying a little as I try to stop putting things in my trolley. Ridiculous. I didn’t even have everything e.g. parmesan for the parmigiana, salmon or rocket for the beetroot salad I planned, the asparagus that had originally been on my list, etc. I practically ran to the tills, like a guilty lover, trying to pretend the rendezvous had never happened. But it had. I had three heavy shopping bags to prove it. It was one of my silliest shopping trips ever. How much do you reckon I spent? Have a guess and I’ll reveal the answer tomorrow.

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  1. About 80 quid. That’s always the price when I go mad in Tesco. But then, you were in Waitrose, so probably 90 quid.

    Iced peach tea sounds like something I don’t ever want to taste.


  2. Posted by Alex Jones on July 24, 2012 at 07:20

    You are the sort of fan Waitrose love πŸ™‚


    • I know. I’m such a sucker for nice packaging and clever marketing techniques. I try not to be sucked in, but the fresh pasta…. The fish counter…. The large array of choice….


  3. getting a cart (or carriage, as it’s called in the northeast – certainly not a trolley :-P) is sometimes the worst idea. I try to only get a small basket or nothing at all if I don’t want to spend everything in my bank account. last night we needed pasta sauce and a 6-pack of beer. I didn’t get a basket because I knew I was hungry and I’d fill it up in the blink of an eye. sometimes you just need blinders on while you’re food shopping!


  4. Waitrose rock the quality the service the variety..and I don’t care about apying little extra, now to the other end of the spectrum i also use aldi’s very good and the quality is pretty good and it’s cheap, but not nasty cheap. 4 2ltr bottles of water 99p really good selection of fresh fruit and vegetables..andmy current fave is their snackright doritos 69p the regular size packs cost that.

    Very good wines spirits beers ciders too.


    • The main reason I go to Waitrose is because it’s closest. Tesco is next, then a small Sainsbury’s. Then I’d have to get on a bus but I’m too lazy. Hence, I’m in Waitrose all the time! Not sure I’ve seen an Aldi anywhere close.


  5. I always think, “I’ll just get the basics for dinner tonight” and then I come home with a cart full of dark chocolate and cheese. Delicious, sure, but maybe not the most well balanced… πŸ™‚


    • Same here! My weaknesses are baking ingredients. Eggs, sugar, flour, chocolate, nuts, dried fruit…. Yet when I go to make something, there’s always something I don’t have! How can I have a kitchen FULL of baking ingredients, but no pecans? Just when I need pecans.


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