In the garden

There’s a lot of Olympic-fever about. Even I, not a sportswoman by nature, have let myself get caught up in it all. I have downloaded the London 2012 app to my phone. Yes. That’s right. I have the app. And yesterday I did my fair share of whooping and running around to see the women’s bike ride in Richmond Park (no near-death experiences with deer this time!).

So anyway, while it is all quite exciting, I feel like I might need some time out for something different. With the latest sunny weather (yes, I’m aware there was thunder during the bike race yesterday, but in general, it’s been sunnier, honest), the garden is looking fabulous. So I thought we could have a little tour around.


Tomato plant flowers




The lavender is finally attracting bees! Woop!


Umm… What are these called? Pansies?


More pansies


Marigolds, I think….


Pansies, again


Not sure…..





So there it is. For the long winter months, it looks like a wasteground so I am understandably excited that the sun has come out and there is something to show off.

Tomorrow I am off to do some Olympic stuff. There are loads of free exhibitions and, rumour has it, a maze made out of books! Thousands and thousands of them! How amazing would that be?! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. 1. they are pansies! I always remember their song in the disney rendition of alice in wonderland 🙂

    2. A MAZE MADE OUT OF BOOKS?! oh my heavens. I would die.

    3. I’ve been trying to get into the olympics as well but we don’t have any kind of recorder on the TV as of yet so we just watch whatever’s been on when we’re home… which 75% of the time seems to be cycling haha


    • 1. I had a feeling they were called pansies. I love being in the garden and I love taking photos, but I’m rubbish at the names of stuff. I’ve only just got to a stage where I don’t kill every plant that comes near me!

      2. I saw the maze made out of books today. It was very cool. Not as big as I thought it was going to be but still, tons and tons of books, one of the walls was even covered with open braille books. It was great.

      3. I think there’s more cycling coming up in Olympics, by the way, the time trials, I think. So lucky you! You get to watch LOADS of it! Seems to be lots of gymnastics and basketball on whenever I settle down to watch it.


  2. […] few days ago, if you remember, I said I was off to see a maze made out of books. So, on Tuesday, I set out on my mission. I also wanted to see an exhibition about the Olympics, a […]


  3. Posted by Alex Jones on August 5, 2012 at 21:34

    Love your Lavender shot with the bee.


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