The time we went to Disneyland Paris

Once, when I was younger, my family and I when on holiday to Disneyland Paris. We stayed in the attached hotel and had an amazing time.

We spend days running around the park, going on all the rides ten times each. We loved it!

To ensure lasting memories of this fabulous holiday, we took loads of photos. Photos of us with Timon from Lion King, with Mickey Mouse. Photos of us in the cool hotel room. Photos of us about to go on scary rides. It was all so exciting!

The day we were leaving, we had an hour or so before we had to be on the coach and my mum went off somewhere to get something. We took a few last photos of the room and waited for her to come back.

This is what was happening in the meantime. As my mum was coming back to the room she was in the hotel lift, chatting to some people. They pressed the button for the floor they needed and my mum pressed her button. As they were all chatting, the lift stopped and they all got out and walked off down the corridor. They went to their room and my mum came to the room we were sharing and knocked on the door. And knocked! AND KNOCKED! She started shouting our names loudly. Panicking.

No-one was answering the door. There was a cleaner nearby and my mum ran over, frantic, and asked her if she could open the door to her room. The cleaner obliged and opened the door and my mum walked into the room….

The furniture was in slightly different places…. There were no suitcases packed and ready to go…. There was some stuff here but not anything that she recognised…..

It dawned slowly. She was on the wrong floor…. We were a few floors up from the people my mum had chatted to in the lift but in the fun of the conversation, she had left the lift with them and gone to the place where our room was located on the other floor. She was now in someone else’s room.

As she slowly exited and walked off down the corridor, the cleaner must have been a bit confused….

By this time, we were getting confused about where she was and worried about missing the coach. Eventually, we got there in time and took a few goodbye snaps of the park from the coach window. So that was the first stupidity…. The second is coming up….

When we got home later that day, we couldn’t wait to get the photos processed and show everyone what a fabulous holiday we had been on. We were intrigued, though, as we had put a 24 picture film in but it had kept letting us take more and more photos. It must have been a 36 film, we thought.

Then we opened the camera…. To take out the roll of film…. And there was no roll of film in it…. Never had been… We hadn’t taken a single photo the whole holiday….. Whoops….

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  1. I was just about to ask you why there are no pictures with this post! Question answered!


  2. One time when my family vacationed in Florida, we stayed in a condo, and there were several sky-rises in the area. My younger sister was annoying me a bit, so I innocently suggested we race back to the condo from the beach. She took off, but wasn’t 100 percent sure which building was ours; she took a guess, went up an elevator, and arrived at the door of the suite she thought was ours. Only when she walked in and saw a couple that wasn’t our parents did she realize she had the wrong condo! What can I say? I was an instigator by the time I was 10 years old. 😉


    • I love that story! You totally knew that would happen! I swear my brother noticed me doing stuff like that all the time, calling the wrong person Mum in the shop or whatever, and just watched me and laughed!


  3. Posted by pamasaurus on August 11, 2012 at 15:13

    Oh no! At least you have your memories, right?

    I’ve definitely done something similar. I spent the day at the bay with my best friend, and realized I forgot to put my memory card in my camera when I went to edit all the awesome photos I *thought* I took, hahaha.


  4. Posted by Alex Jones on August 12, 2012 at 10:51

    The wonders of digital photography eliminates these unfortunate issues 🙂


  5. I’ve missedmany moments through lack of film…and walked into quite a few hotel rooms that weren’t mine, even in Spain one year I stopped at alittle cafe ordered a drink etc stayed for 30mis writing postcards and stuff and when I went to pay I was refused I was sitting in someones garden…lol but to be fair they had a few tables and chairs out with umbrellas…lol.


    • That’s hilarious! Did they bring you a coffee? I wonder if they realised what was going on or if they just thought you were the type of person who nomally sits in other people’s gardens and asks for coffee?!


  6. Really funny about your mom. She must have been so embarrassed. Lucky they did not come in.


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