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  1. Posted by Alex Jones on August 16, 2012 at 10:30

    The French always have that passionate emotional depth to them.


  2. Teacher’s name wasn’t Monsieur DuPont by any chance was it?

    Sandie Shaw sang about that guy in 1969 (Youtube has a bit of a crackly video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNM-skJZGq0&feature=related).

    Here are the lyrics if you want to sing along (haha):

    The rain was falling down, as I flew out of town
    I went to Paris for the day.
    And there I got to know a certain Romeo
    With oh so gentle continental ways

    Monsieur Dupont, la la ta ta, Monsieur Dupont, la la la la
    You made me see so tenderly that I was never loved before
    Monsieur Dupont, la la ta ta, I know it´s wrong, la la la la
    That I don´t ever want to go home anymore

    You said “Hello” to me, and I began to see
    That I could fall in love with you
    I seemed to realize the kind of paradise
    Your continental kiss could lead me to

    {au Refrain}

    I´m learning every day a different word to say
    I know “Je t´aime” and “Je t´adore”
    But won´t you tell how, oh won´t you tell me now,
    The way you say en français : Give me more!

    {au Refrain}

    That I don´t ever want to go home anymore.


    • As far as I can remember, he wasn’t very suave or cool. He was simply a man in a school full of girls. That’s generally the only qualification needed to be admired!


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