A revolution in my swimming world

Now this may seem quite silly to most. It’s a tiny thing that does not deserve its own post. The majority will wonder why I have not been doing it all along. But I haven’t. And now I am. And it’s a revolution of epic proportions.

I swam with my face UNDER the water yesterday!

Usually I don’t need to, if I’m doing back stroke for example. But when I do breast stroke, I just stay above water. The whole water-rushing-up-nose thing didn’t really appeal. This is also the sole reason I do not do front crawl.

I was quite happy in my little back stroke and breast stroke world. I knew I still had four years to train for the next Olympics so there was no real rush.

Then yesterday, someone told me to just go under and stop being a baby. Just breathe out through your nose and mouth and no water can get in, they told me. I was sceptical. I dipped under a few times, panicked, and breathed water hard into my throat. A ha! It was proved! My fear of water-up-nose was justified as I had water up my nose.

Breathe out, not in, silly.

So I tried again breathing out and it was fine. I did it a few more times. Then I did breast stroke with my head under. Amazing! You can see everything under the pool through your goggles and it’s really wierd. Cool. But wierd. The noise of splashing and voices cuts off and suddenly you’re in a silent world of legs and blue.

Then I approached a stroke I never do. Never ever. Because I see so many other people doing it extremely inelegantly and wish they’d stop. And I also see so many people doing it brilliantly and know I’ll never look like them.

It was time…. For front crawl….

My front crawl currently looks a little like a drowning cat so I only do it for short bursts, until I can no longer stand doing something so unOlympicy and then I stop. But it’s a revolution! I’m breaking new ground here. It’s very exciting.

P.S. I fully understand if some of you leave this post in disgust. What kind of swimmer goes swimming almost every day for over two months before putting their face under? In my defence, I will say that I was just taking it slowly, ok?

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  1. ….. followed by chocolate? 😉


  2. I was exactly the same for my first 29 years! People don’t really bother because you don’t swim that often but when you do swim a fair bit it makes sense to try and do it properly. Someone showed me how to do it one day and then I was off. I have a 2 mile (3.2km) certificate somewhere and I did front crawl all the way. Front crawl is actually a relaxing stroke when you do it properly. All you need to do is work out how many strokes is best for you in between breaths. I found three so it meant breathing alternately to the left and right. If you do 2 or 4 then you breathe on the same side. The key is to empty lungs under water and then only breathe in as you turn your head to the side out of the water. Good luck.


    • I’ve been concentrating on getting my breast stroke really good with dipping under on each stroke. I’m loving it! Once I’m really confident I’ll try front crawl again. Congrats on the two mile certificate. Very impressive!


  3. Posted by TraceyLynnTobin on August 28, 2012 at 09:53

    Pst…I have a secret for you…I’m a HUGE water-in-my-face wuss. I hate it. I hate it in my eyes, I hate it in my nose, I hate it running down into my mouth. I can’t even duck under the water to entertain my two-year-old, I hate it that much.

    So yeah…your accomplishment seems pretty awesome to me. 🙂


    • I don’t feel so silly now! Although I did just get berated by a sporty friend for having been swimming ‘seriously’ for so long without putting my face in. I managed to explain it away though without seeming so childish.


  4. Good for you! I’ve met triathletes who don’t put their faces in the water, so you’re definitely not alone. All of the experienced swimmers say to “breathe out” about 30 percent of your total breath while you’re underwater, which makes it quicker to finish exhaling and then begin inhaling one you’re above water.


    • I forgot to thank you for this great advice. I tried it when I went yesterday morning and it really helped me to regulate my breathing so as to concentrate on what my body was doing.


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