My bucket list

Due another work emergency, I am writing in a rush again. So I thought I’d share something that’s been on my mind for a while. Since I finished my law degree actually. It’s stuff I’d like to do in the near future. I figure if I write it down, then I’ve said it out loud so there’s some obligation to at least try and do it. Ok, here goes….

1. Join a book club.
2. Master front crawl.
3. Go back to Namibia (or at least make solid plans about it).
4. Go on (or plan) an epic walking adventure.
5. Try running (haha!)
6. Go to Secret Cinema at least once.
7. Sign up for a college course (not sure what in, I just think would be fun. Maybe food).
8. Go to that restaurant in London where everything’s completely in the dark.

So there it is. Realistically, 2 and 5 are the most achievable as they just require me making the effort to do it. Let’s see how the rest go.

I’ve said them now. There’s no backing out…..

I dare you to make your own and put it in the comments section. There’ll be no backing out then. Go on! Do it.

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  1. Posted by Alex Jones on September 3, 2012 at 08:18

    1. Loose 1 stone in weight.
    2. Take up Tai Chi.
    3. Visit Iceland.


  2. Secret Cinema? I’m intrigued. I suspect a lot of workers here in America have a secret cinema on their office computers………


    • Haha! So I guess they wouldn’t need it on a bucket list. As far as I know, it’s thing that you sign up to online then you get email clues about it during the week before and they tell you where it is being held. It’s a different venue each time. And they tell you how to dress, eg, wear monochrome colours (and you might be watching an old black and white film). But you don’t know what film it is. Then when you get there, there’s an entire actor/audience participation bit first, which all leads up watching the film itself. Friends who’ve been say it’s amazing.


  3. 1. Start doing yoga.
    2. Visit Paris
    3. Write a book
    4. Get Freshly Pressed 😉
    5. Get a Post Grad degree
    6. Complete all the novels that I’ve left midway because of the lack of time
    7. Go for sky-diving
    8. Work for a social cause and make an effective change in some lives, at least.

    And there’s a lot more! I have to do so much before dying…should start soon!


    • Tha list looks fantastic. Which one will you attempt first?


      • Hmm I think I would go with the ‘yoga’ thing but am such a lazy person!!!
        And obviously even no. 6 is quite achievable at this point…I just need TIME….

      • Get a good yoga DVD. Then all you’re doing is following, which is good if you’re lazy. I am also lazy but have a fab DVD and get at least 20 mins in most days. I’m also struggling to finish all the books I’m reading but I’ll try my hardest if you promise to aswell 🙂

  4. Right now, my bucket list is to make a bucket list. How sad is that?


  5. Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! check out the rules Your blog makes me smile. 🙂 Have a great week!


  6. Secret Cinema is fun, but it is REALLy expensive – a one off experience really. There are other immersive theatre-type things that crop up occasionally if you keep your eyes open. Not on the same scale, obviously 🙂

    I really want to go to that restaurant too. I am so swayed by what things look like, that there is a whole raft of foods that I will never try if I SEE them, so it could be liberating to have that taken away from me.

    And I just started a college course on Friday. Scary stuff.

    it seems we have many of the same interests 😀


    • So have you been to Secret Cinema before? What did you see?
      I think the restaurant where you can’t see what you’re eating sounds scary but fun. I worry in case I don’t like something but really it’s just food, nothing to be too scared of. And as you say, you might discover something fantastic that you never would eat normally.
      What college course did you start? And how is it going?


      • It was The Third Man, which ran for so long that I think everyone got to see it – which kind of took the intrigue out of it really 😦

        And I have started an introductory course into Creative Writing. Only started on Friday…it’s just 2 hours / week for 12 weeks, which I thought I could do without it being TOO scary, and too much commitment 🙂

      • Interesting! I did Creative Writing for my first year at university and loved it. I ultimately chose my other subject to do single honours in but am so glad I did that first year of the Creative Writing course. Let me know how it goes 🙂

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