The Plan

Ssshhh! Don’t say a word. I’m too excited to not tell you all but you mustn’t tell, ok?

I am going to work now. Until 9.30am, when I will call Danda and ask him if he wants to come for breakfast at the deli. Fingers crossed, Danda will say yes.

When he gets there, we will sit down for breakfast and I will say, ‘Oo! Something came from Amazon for you.’

He will say, ‘Really? But I didn’t order anything.’

I will say, ‘Well, here it is. I guess just open it and see what it is.’

I will get him a box which I received something from Amazon in the other day. I am very sneaky. I have taken out the book that I was sent but kept the packaging neat. I have then put a different book in there then glued it all back together so it looks like it hasn’t been opened.

So he will open it. Inside is a book with a gold cover which says ‘ROME’ in big letters across the front.

He will be confused.

‘I didn’t order this,’ he will say.

‘Are you sure,’ I will say. ‘Check inside the front cover, there should be an invoice somewhere, it will tell you who’s sent it to you. Maybe someone sent it as a present or something?’

He will flip open the front cover and inside is a message from me, which says, ‘Flight at 5pm. Pack your bags!’

He will be shocked and surprised and excited…. Hopefully. There will then be a flurry of bag packing and disbelief.

And then off we will go to Rome for four days!

Fingers crossed that:

a) all goes to plan
b) my phone works in Rome
c) my battery can cope with the photograph-taking overload

And remember, no telling!

I’ll let you know tomorrow if it went smoothly.

17 responses to this post.

  1. cant wait to read how it goes!!!!


  2. Sounds like a good plan! I hope all goes well.


  3. Watch out for the chariots when crossing the road. Also don’t forget the Latin Dictionary so you can talk to all those centurions with the big shields & helmets and any emperors you might meet in the street and so you can get into the baths & that Colisseum thingy. Hope it goes well.


  4. All the best. All the best!!! Wow..that sounds like such an awesome plan. I wish my friends read this and do something of the sort for me. haha!!


    • Haha! I’m not sure what I’d do if the surprise was for me! I’ve had one negative experience of a surprise party so not too keen. But I love doing them for other people 🙂


  5. Posted by pamasaurus on September 17, 2012 at 12:29

    Oh wow! I’d love to get a surprise like that!!

    I’m sure he’ll be happily surprised! Have fun on your trip!!!


  6. Hope it goes well for you. I hate surprises if they’re happening to me, but don’t mind hearing about them if they’re happening to other people 😉


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  8. How exciting!!!


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