“Inspirational quotes”

Inspirational quotes, hey. That old hat. The good old, why aim for the sky when you can aim for the stars? I mean it’s all so silly. I’ve read so many ‘your life is like a…’ and then a ridiculous comparison that I feel I’m being taken for a fool here.

Let me make something up. You can literally say anything.

Your life is a like a Hoover. Sometimes it cleans up, sometimes it sits around doing nothing. But when you’re hoovering, everyone knows you’re hoovering.

And that’s inspirational because it’s about how, when you decide to do something amazing with your life, people will sit up and listen.

I mean, nonsense. That’s nonsense. I just made that up. Not that I’m down on positivity. I’m definitely not! I’m quite a positive person. But there’s only so many times I can read the words, ‘if you try hard enough, you will achieve your goals’ before I’m like, hold up, there’s a lot more at play here. That’s not the only factor. For every success story, there’s a guy on the side going “Well I tried loads and I’ve still got nothing.”

So here are some of my quotes. Should you wish to quote them or draw strength from them, go ahead. There’s no copyright here.

That’s another life-coachy quote for you. “There’s no copyright here.” I’m sure you can make something of that if you want to.

Ok, here goes. A foray into my potential new career as a life coach.

In life, generally, there are people who are fairly happy and there are people who are fairly unhappy, no matter what their actual life circumstance is.

Sometimes you make loads of effort and end up nowhere.

Sometimes that doesn’t matter. You’ve probably figured out something else to do by then.

Having money helps.

Sometimes you should just bake a cake instead.

Life’s quite nice.

Moaning doesn’t help, but we like it anyway.

Being in sunny weather isn’t the be-all and end-all.

Truffles are tasty.

And that, my friends, is my life advice. Should you need any more, I am more than happy to share my talent again. I expect to see my wisdom embossed on people’s doors and tattooed on arms before long, ok?

O, here’s another little titbit before I go.

When you’re tired, going to bed is nice.

9 responses to this post.

  1. Having money helps.

    I like that one.


  2. I like “Truffles are tasty.”


  3. I like the one that says your life is like a sailing ship: in the safety of the harbour nothing much happens but when you sail out into the ocean you find out what your ship can take when it meets the winds, the waves and the storms of life. When the wind blows head on you might have to do what the sailing ships do and move zig-zag fashion but always forward by setting the sails at the right angle. If you want to get anywhere or do anything you have to leave the harbour at some point! There is a time to furl the sails and anchor. There is also a time to unfurl them and get out there battling the storms and discovering what your ‘ship’ can take. So, are your sails up or down?


  4. I like the homerly about people being either a glass half full or a lgass half empty. I think it’s unimportant which type you are – the important thing is there is still room in the glass for a bit more booze.


  5. Posted by Alex Jones on October 25, 2012 at 19:24

    “Having money helps.”

    You are wiser than you think. I read another blog today that said that poor people are happy, hmm.


    • Happy in a different way. Happy but worried…. About money…. And finding it difficult to get ahead…. And always scrimping and saving….. Yeh. Poor and happy. Yehhhh….


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