Some things I should admit

I have never seen Kill Bill.

I didn’t see Dirty Dancing or Grease till I was about 16.

I bunked off the last half hour of school one day to get a book signed by the first winner of Big Brother.

Often I don’t brush my hair.

When I was about ten, I saved up and bought The Smurfs Go Pop album. My favourite song on it was Mr Blobby and The Smurfs, in which Mr Blobby occasionally goes “BLOBBY!” That is his only contribution to the song.

I always used to make up little plans about running away (I had probably seen a film which made it look really fun and easy.)

I have a strange fondness for wildebeest. I just think they’re quite grand.

I loved loved LOVED the boy from Free Willy. I had a poster of him on my wall, which I used to snog.

When I was little, I named all my teddy bears and cuddly toys and gave them personalities and had a little sitcom-esque imaginary existence with them at bedtime.

It was during these night time role plays with my toys that I perfected my faux American accent.

That’s right, I have a faux American accent that I sometimes put on for fun. I think it’s ace. I can’t speak for anyone else.

I also went through a phase when I was about 17 where I spoke in an Irish accent.

I have lumpy knees.

Sometimes I find the news boring, although I know I should be fascinated and be all aware and things, but sometimes they go on and on, and I realise I’m not actually that interested. Ssshhhh, don’t tell anyone.

I don’t like Glee. I once watched an episode. It was not the best use of my time.

I also don’t like mustard.

I don’t think dogs are cute. Even small fluffy ones. They’re just dogs.

I love lists.

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  1. The Craig!


  2. You don’t love Glee? *Faints*. Best.Show.Ever.


  3. Laura, I agree with so much on this list! I’ve never seen Kill Bill, and since my hair is super curly, I never brush it; just scrunch it with some defrizzing gel before heading out the door. 😉 I would *love* to hear your American accent, and I’ve seen only one episode of Glee (the one with John Stamos, sigh.)


    • My American accent is phenomenal…. Kind of. I’m glad we agree on the hair thing. Brushing it is the worst thing for it if it’s curly. It just goes afro-ey. How’s things with the Hurricane? Are you doing ok?


  4. Posted by Alex Jones on October 28, 2012 at 12:52

    Great addendum to your “about” page. You should put a link of this blog post to it.


  5. Posted by Alex Jones on October 28, 2012 at 12:53

    Kill Bill 1 is awesome, the sequel not so great.


  6. I like dogs but I prefer cats: we all have our favourite pet!


  7. Love it! The insight into your life, the simplicity and everything else about it.

    You’r a blogger after my own heart 😉


  8. I love lists. I love filling out forms. i have never seen Kill Bill and I didn’t see Grease till i was in college in the 80s. Glee is stoopid.
    Good list!


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