It’s about my aura

A little while ago, a friend at work asked me cover part of a shift for her. It was quite important so she was really grateful when I said I could cover it. She asked what she could do in return and I said I’d like her to write me a song and perform it. Which she did.

Here is that song. I thought you might like to hear it.

Oh Laura

Thank you so much for covering part of my shift,
It really means a lot, if you catch my drift.

Oh Laura, it’s something about your aura,
Yeah, your aura, mmm, mmm, yeah.

I hope it doesn’t ruin your evening,
Or give you a peculiar feeling,

Yeah, it’s your aura. Oh Laura.

Now I will owe you a favour,
As you have been my saviour.

Yeah Laura, it’s your aura…

Do you like it? I have also just remembered a song my brother made up when we were little. It wasn’t really to do with me but it was to do with something I loved dearly and his intention with the song was to poke fun and try to annoy me.

It went as follows.

“My little pony,
Skinny and bony,
Looked in the mirror,
And saw a gorilla.”

So, as you can tell, I am surrounded by musical genius. No wonder I almost became a world famous pop star.

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  1. Posted by Alex Jones on October 29, 2012 at 06:19

    I am trying to imagine Justine Bieber or Lady Gaga singing to these lyrics. I don’t think I shall go there.


  2. Almost? Surely there is still time? I will watch out for you on X Factor next year πŸ™‚


  3. I was thinking of how your name crops up in literature and the name William Cosmo Monkhouse is probably a writer you may not have come across before. His writing, in this case, has an ethereal almost mystical feel. Here are the words he penned:

    There was a young lady named Laura,
    Who went to the wilds of Angora,
    She came back on a goat
    With a beautiful coat,
    And notes of the fauna and flora.

    Tugs at the heart-strings eh?


  4. Oh and don’t forget the Ricky Valance No.1 classic from yonks ago: “Tell Laura I love her”. Check out YouTube: if you want to read the whole story. (Nice themed pics for each verse.)

    At the funeral of the guy who loved her, verse 5 of the song goes like this:

    And in the chapel where Laura prayed,
    For her Tommy who passed away.
    It was just for Laura, he lived and died.
    Alone in the chapel she can hear him cry,

    “Tell Laura I love her.”
    “Tell Laura I need her.
    Tell Laura not to cry,
    My love for her will never die.”

    Now if you know someone called Tommy who has died I think we should listen for the X-Files music in the background!!


  5. I quite like it actually! I should sing it to my sister she is also called Laura πŸ™‚


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