Laura’s top tips

A few days ago, I was reading Chat and I came across some top tips that were madness. For example, eat your kiwi fruit out of an egg cup. That was it. That was the whole tip and it won £25. So I thought to myself, “Wait a minute, I can do this too.” So now, especially for you, I present Laura’s Top Tips! Enjoy.

Got short hair and want it longer? Stand next to a horse’s tail and drape it over your shoulder. Everyone will think it is your hair!

Running out of milk and bread at home? Take £3 and go to the shop and get some more!

Hair too curly all the time? Buy straighteners and straighten it.

Jumper got a hole in it? Fill it in with paper machier. No-one will be able to tell the difference.

Feeling ill? Take some medicine! You will be better in no time.

Got floorboards on your floor and fed up of hoovering all the time? Just sweep the dirt into a pile and brush it down the gaps in between the floorboards.

Getting cold in the evenings? Keep a Downstairs Duvet next to the sofa and snuggle under it when it starts getting chilly.

Worried about what to cook for dinner? Use a cookbook!

Ever wonder why your clothes take ages to dry when they’re in a pile on the ground? Put them over a clothes horse individually and wait until dry.

Bored? Read a book!

That’s it for today. I don’t want to overload your brain with my amazing tips so I’ll do some more another day. Good luck with the tips, I hope they help you.

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  1. Brilliant! You are so funny. Next time I want to have long hair I know exactly what to do.


  2. Posted by Alex Jones on November 8, 2012 at 05:57

    You will make a fortune out of Chat.


  3. I like it! Great tips, they make me feel happier! 🙂


  4. You made me smile! The horse tail tip was my favorite.
    Blessings ~ Wendy


  5. Now, if I wanted shorter hair, what should I do? 🙂


  6. Some many questions now come to mind: What meds? Which type of horse? What kind of broom? Endless, I say…


    • Ok. Nurofen. Always Nurofen. Even if it doesn’t say on the box that it can treat whatever your illness is. Just take it anyway and see what happens. What horse? A long-haired one, of course! And the broom must always be one of those bundle-of-twigs ones that witches are often seen riding on. It MUST be one of those. Or it won’t work.


  7. If you get hungry, eat something! How did I miss this???


  8. […] about all the way through this, although you can do the same for a single.) Now you may remember LLM’s Top Tips (8.11.12) well here’s my first one to add to that list: always put your duvet covers into the […]


  9. Here’s my special Holiday tip: with all the delicious food and caloric egg nog you’re about to partake in, in case your pants or skirt feel too tight, unbutton the top button.


    • Omygoodness. I’ve been battling with this problem for ages and knew there must be something I could do about it. This top tip will be invaluable to me during Christmas. I can’t thank you enough.


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