Rubbish acronyms


A friend and I were on our way home from a night out. It hadn’t been a particularly raucous night, in fact I think I’d been on apple juice all evening. We had been waiting in Trafalgar Square for ages and finally the bus came. We got on and sat down. Three boys got on after us who had the distinct appearance of computer nerds. Now, I don’t have a problem with computer nerds but I think it goes a long way to explaining what happened if we understand this fact about them. They were very excited, as though they had only just discovered a world outside of computers.

“BGR!” one of them was saying. “BGR! Huh, huh, huh.”

“What does that mean?” one of the other boys asked.

“Bloody good result!” he replied.

The other two loved it! They grinned and started going “Yeh, totally! BGR! BGR!”

And that, my friends, is a true story.


It may not definitely have been this. It could have been VBT. Anyway, I was watching a programme the other night about telescopes and space etc and they kept on talking about a VLT and how powerful it was, etc etc. By the time someone said the actual words, I’d figured it was some sort of telescope and was imagining maybe it was named after someone or something important, like the Higgs-Boson.

No. What the acronym actually stands for is ‘Very Large Telescope,’ (or possibly Very Big Telescope).

How uninspired. A very large telescope. So they just call it that. The VLT. The very large telescope.


Now I love Narnia. Every Christmas (December 16th, to be exact), I get out my box set and get reading. I love Aslan. I get frustrated by Edmund in book 2 but by book 3, he’s back on my good side. Susan is endlessly boring and mumsy but her total destitution in book 7 still seems harsh. Lucy is fabulous and never a disappointment.

Apart from once. In book 4, Prince Caspian, they are on a journey by boat and Trumpkin the dwarf, who was sent to find them calls them ‘little children’. Lucy returns the insult by referring to him as her ‘dear little friend’, which then becomes ‘the DLF.’ And they keep calling him it through the whole book. The DLF. I just think it sounds silly.


Are you ready for this one?

Best Facebook friends forever.


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  1. At least I knew about the VLT but then I do like astronomy and follow it frequently but BFBFF??? Really… That is so so sad.. WTF and BRB until next time.. 🙂


  2. All these acronyms are a total LOB. VLT indeed!


  3. BFBFF lol!
    I’m quite behind with acronyms in general. Once, someone texted me: “I’m OMW”; it took me ages to figure out it meant “on my way”.


    • I’ve never even heard of OMW. I’d be stumped if I saw that one. I love it when people say text acronyms in real conversation. I’ve overheard OMG quite a few times. And TTFN loads!


  4. I am now officially ancient and over the hill, as I am complete and utter rubbish at acronyms. Even when I was working in the corporate world, I had trouble keeping my initials sorted, making sure they didn’t spell something rude. Maybe there is a form of dyslexia regarding acronyms? Then again, if I share it with David Cameron (of LOL fame), not sure I want to admit to it…


  5. It is truly amazing what lengths people go through to shorten what they have to say. I find these not only amusing, but also pointing toward a time of no words….scary.


    • Yeh I know. It doesn’t really save SO much time saying VLT that it’s worth having the acronym. I also once worked in a restaurant where they said CAYG all the time, as though saying ‘clean as you go’ would just be faaaar too much effort.


  6. The acronym that most annoys me?
    As in “okay”.
    Which is already abbreviated to OK by most people in society.
    I’m proud to say that I surround myself with a high calibre of friends who DON’T send me text message replies comprised of a single “k”, but I did receive one from an acquaintance once. Why?! You’re charged by the number of texts, not by the number of letters…


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