The time I got my nose pierced

When I was 20, I worked in a job for a few months where I had to travel around the UK a lot. It was a slightly mad time in my life. I was fresh back from my second stint in Namibia and such a gap year casualty. You could spot me a mile off, with my colourful skirts and millions of bracelets. My hair was really short and would stick out at crazy angles when I took my hat off. I always had a hat. That’s another thing. I always wore hats. I had a massive collection of them.

Anyway, this one day, I was working with three other girls in Leicester (I think). I had initially thought I wouldn’t get on with one of them but we hit it off pretty soon and I thought she was fab. I had pretty much made up my mind I wanted to be her. And she had her nose pierced. In fact, all three of the other girls had their noses pierced.

After a particularly successful working day, we were all feeling a bit high and excitable. We had spotted a tattoo and piercing place and decided that we would go en masse, and I would get my nose pierced.

Off we went and I entered and announced that I would like my nose pierced please. Not having any foreknowledge of how these things are done, I offered up my nose to this complete stranger, wielding what I now know to be an ear piercing device and let him pierce me.

I wandered off, the others all admiring my pretty nose stud, feeling way cool. I left it for the a few weeks but started to feel something wasn’t right when my nostril swelled up around the stud and went red. I decided to change it sooner than recommended because I just wanted to get the stud out, in case that was the problem.

I took hold of the front bit and the back bit and pulled. And pulled. And pulled. Nothing. It was stuck! I couldn’t get enough of my finger into my nostril to give the back a good tug. I started to worry. I was back home by this point so my uncle got involved, tugging and twisting and doing whatever he could think of. Eventually, he came up with a plan. He would use plyers (that’s right, plyers) to force it open.

That’s exactly what happened. He grabbed hold of the bit on the front of my nostril with one pair of plyers and wedged another pair up my nose to hold onto the back. Very rarely have I felt less dignified. He pulled, I winced, he tugged, I made ow noises… And finally it gave way and came off. I whipped another stud straight in and the swelling and redness subsided immediately.

I showed a friend the offending nose stud and she just laughed and told me it was an earring and that I’d been pierced with an earring gun. Great.

So anyway, I was then happy. Life went back to normal. Until six months later I got a new job and was told I couldn’t wear jewelry. I took out the nose stud reluctantly and, eight hours later, I went home, clutching my nose stud, intending to put it back in.

I felt the place where my piercing had been and tried pushing the stud in. Nothing doing. I checked in a mirror but couldn’t see a hole anymore. I pushed, I squeezed and I almost wept. It had closed. I would have to try re-piercing. So I got an ice cube, melted it with my fingers so it would fit up my nostril then tried pushing on the front of my nostril with the stud again.

And that’s when it hit me. I wouldn’t be able to re-pierce it. And actually, if something requires me to have plyers and moulded ice cubes stuck up my nose … I think maybe I should let it go…

And so I did. I became one of the non-pierced masses. I was sad. But my life was easier.


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  1. That’s why nose piercings have always scared me–what if they get stuck?! When I was hanging out with friends about a month ago, they both got tattoos, and I was tempted to get one as well, but since I didn’t have enough time to think about it, I held off. And I’m very glad I did. 😉


    • Yeh, I went through a tattoo fixation phase. I really wanted it one and intended to get it done every week but couldn’t find time to get there and after a month or so I realised I did’;t really want one anymore. I’m quite glad now.


  2. you may have got away with the gun… its bloody painful with a needle!!


  3. A friend of mine once got her forearm pierced quite near the wrist. It got infected quickly and she had to give up on it…which I think I was glad to hear. In her situation would have had nightmares about catching my sleeves on the piercings!
    I used to really like wearing earrings, the longer and danglier the better. Then I got dreadlocks and my interest waned: those long earrings kept getting caught in my dreads and pulled out, lost forever. Life probably *is* easier without piercings, I think…


    • It is easier, but perhaps less pretty? I hardly ever wear them actually, because of work but every so often I find a pair hidden somewhere and put them on for an hour or so to feel girly! I cannot even imagine how crazy it would be to have my forearm pierced!


  4. I tried using my Dad’s old hearing aid once just to see if I needed one. It didn’t fit, so I put an adapter from a $5.00 one on it and put it in. I decided I didn’t like it and took it out…the adapter didn’t follow. After a bit, I discovered the adapter had a small suction cup and had latched onto my eardrum. My best friend used needle nose pliers and got it out,,,but the pain! No permanent harm, apparently, done.
    I understand…


  5. Posted by Alex Jones on December 29, 2012 at 22:25

    I laughed at the vision of those plyers up your nose.


  6. I save all your posts when I can’t get to them right away which is why I am just reading this now. This is so funny and so cringe-inducing, ack! And yeah, if you need to stick pliers up your nose to be cool, cool ain’t worth it.

    I can’t stop giggling over this.


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