300 posts!

That’s right. A whole 300 posts! And what fun it’s been. I was trying to think of something significantly 300ish to do to celebrate this feat but so far, since Yaya stayed over last night, I think the only 300s I have achieved today have been watching 300 kids programmes, putting 300 pennies into a piggy bank, making 300 play-doh animals and playing hide and seek 300 times.


So I checked in with the world wide web for some impressive 300-related world records. The first thing I came across was this brilliant record of having over 300 dogs’ teeth brushed all at once. What’s not to love?! Unfortunately, I am 312 dogs short of being able to even attempt this record so that’s out.

Another great 300 record is the British man who holds the record for putting on the most pair of pants. He wanted to be the first man to put on more than 300 pairs and he has achieved it in quite a spectacular way. Check out the photo of him. Unfortunately, I think I don’t own enough Y-fronts to even attempt this. Even if I wanted to just put all my clothes on, as a pretend attempt at this, I don’t think there would be 300.

My next thought was of food. What could I do that would be food related and about the number 300? I found this, in my Google search, which looks epic and, were I a fan of crabcakes, I’d be all ready to make my own 300lb snack. Unfortunately I am not so I shall remain, happily, crabcake-less.

And then I found the ultimate world record holder. In fact, he holds so many records, he has the world record for holding so many records, over 300! I thought that if I started on his list, then I could possibly get 300 world records too, to celebrate my 300th post! There are a lot of underwater ones, like pogo stick jumping, juggling and unicycling which, so far as I know, probably wouldn’t be allowed in my local pool. So those are out.

He holds the record for balancing a pool cue on his finger and walking the longest distance whilst at the pyramids in Egypt. As I’m in England, that one is also out. I did find a few I can attempt though. Here goes.

Attempt no. 1 – Walking up stairs for 1 minute while balancing a book on my head.

It was easier than I thought it would be, perhaps due to the fact that I had a soft back book, which flopped onto the shape of the top of my head and I hardly had to try at all. I got a bit cocky though and looked down to check where the step was and dropped it after 103. The record is currently 122 so I’ve got a bit of work to so on that one.

Attempt no. 2 – Most golf balls picked up with toes.

I spent the entire minute trying to grip any of the balls and wishing for longer toes. I ended up with a grand total of zero.

For my last attempt, I decided I would attempt to sit on the sofa reading Narnia for the longest time ever, for 300 hours! That is soon to be thwarted though, as I have work in two hours…. O well. I tried….

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  1. Wow 300! Well done on another milestone (I remember the 200 celebration). The only vaguely 300 thing I could think of that I could do (fairly quickly) was stair climbing. My stairs have 10 steps so I had to go up them 30 times. Being honest I did have a little break after each set of 10 and I reckon my legs will need some time to recover!


  2. Congrats darling……the tights of your daughter are amazing….;-)


  3. Three hundred posts is impressive! I am almost there, well within 3 months. How about this one: watch the Movie 300 1 time?! I wouldn’t do the clothing one. I watched an American who set the record of the number of shirts worn at the same time. When he got close to the record he had a hard time breathing because of the weight of the shirts on his chest…sounds a little danger and um dumb…
    Anyway, how about the one: First person named lazylauramaisey to reach 300 posts!?
    You have that one cold!


    • Yeh, I don’t think there’ll be any rivals for that title! The guy wearing all those shirts does sound a bit silly, he could have done real damage with all that weight on his chest.


  4. at first when I read the record about the dog and thought, “how can she have negative 12 dogs?” (since I was thinking in 300-terms) and then I realized, oh, the record is probably for 312 dogs. I haven’t had my coffee yet… 🙂


  5. Congrats on 300 posts–what an accomplishment!


  6. Congratulations on the 300. It’s been great reading.


  7. 300 posts! And you haven’t even been at this for a year. Wow!!! I’d go work on the golf ball thing again, were you really trying???


    • Well, after twenty seconds had passed, I’d pretty much given up and for the remaining forty seconds I didn’t really put that much effort in. Also, I knew your yard would need cleaning so I was itching to get started.


  8. Posted by Alex Jones on January 4, 2013 at 21:42

    What a great milestone for a blog of quality and humour. Congratulations.


  9. Does this make you a professional blogger? Congratulations.


  10. What is it with walking with books on our heads? My mother used to make me do that to improve my posture. Swear it’s true. So now I walk with my shoulders really straight. Well done on the 300 posts!


  11. Congratulations on your 300 accomplishments! Turns out, Laura Maisey ain’t so lazy. 😉 Looking forward to another 300 posts.


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