Acting on my bucket list

At the start of September, I posted a bucket list so I thought it was time for a little check in, to let you know about my progress.

1. Join a book club.
Ok, I still look hopefully at signs in Waterstones stores or online and intend to do it. To be honest, I forgot I’d kind of obliged myself to do it by writing it here so I forgot to make myself join one! I’ll do it, I promise.

2. Master front crawl.
I don’t swim as regularly at the moment for a few reasons. The main one is that they close the outdoor pool from October til April and the indoor pool isn’t as fun. Also, I pulled a muscle in my leg a few months ago so took ages to get back into it. Perfecting breast stroke is my main focus when I do get to the pool. Fail no. 2.

3. Go back to Namibia (or at least make solid plans about it).
Ok. This one is going well. A friend who I worked for as a travel consultant is over from Namibia at the end of this month. We are going for a drink to discuss a two week trip to Namibia next year.

4. Go on (or plan) an epic walking adventure.
Ummm…. Does Richmond Park count?

5. Try running (haha!)
This one I did…. Kind of. I ran for the bus this evening, which I jumped on in haste then five minutes later realised was not on its way to my house. It was the wrong bus. I ran. I ran for a bus. And it wasn’t even the right bus. But I did run. This is a fact.

6. Go to Secret Cinema at least once.
Ummm…. I went to the normal cinema last week… Does that count as being half way there?

7. Sign up for a college course (not sure what in, I just think would be fun. Maybe food).
I’m thinking of doing a course in history or ancient civilisation or something. Another thing I forgot I’d told the world I’d do so forgot to sign myself up for something.

8. Go to that restaurant in London where everything’s completely in the dark.
This one I have not done either but I have possibly done something better… I’m going to a lovely restaurant in Paris on Thursday which comes with a fabulous recommendation from my manager. I still have the restaurant-in-the-dark place in the back of my mind though.

So there you have it. Not progress as such. Not what you’d call ‘solid plans.’ It really just amounts to running for the bus and a planned drink with a friend from Namibia. But it is progress. Of a sort.

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  1. I know when you posted your list before, I mentioned I wanted to go to that restaurant too. I still haven’t either 😀

    I loved my short Creative Writing course though – so much so that I signed up for the next term, which started last week!


    • Great news about how the course is going! You must get onto the restaurant in the dark thing, because then I will go too! Ok, I’m going to Google it and try and book in for next month. Your turn, have you booked yet? Get on it.


  2. If we’re thinking of the same restaurant, then I think that’s the one Prince Harry goes to all the time. At least that’s what I heard. 🙂


  3. Posted by Alex Jones on January 15, 2013 at 20:53

    Twenty, perhaps thirty years you will have that list covered ready for the next one.


  4. What is Secret Cinema? And you are so cool because you are over there and can just hop over to Paris to go to dinner. Pout.


    • Secret cinema is this thing that you sign up for and they send you emails with clues about what film it might be then they give you a dress code and ask you to being something. From all that you try and guess what film you might be watching. It’s in a different location each time and you only know on the day where it is. There are actors and stuff so when you go there’s a little bit of film-related antics beforehand. Then the climax of the evening is watching th film. It’s loads of fun, apparently. Also, it’s tomorrow that Danda and I are going to Paris for lunch. That’s right. For lunch. We’re so ridiculous!


  5. Better a little progress than none at all, I say.


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