Danda and the croissant

On a recent train journey, Danda and I were up early so neither of us had eaten before leaving the house. We got one train, then a tube then another train, which had all taken about an hour and a half. By the time we sat down, we were feeling light-headed from tea-deprivation and hunger.

Danda, in a fit of generosity and helpfulness, offered to go and get some victuals from the cafe cart, further down the train.

“What would you like?” he asked.

“Oo, just something small,” said I, not wanting to sound like a fat pie by asking for two muffins and a chocolate bar.

“A croissant, perhaps?” he suggested.

“Yes please. A little croissant would be nice.”

“And a drink? Some tea?”

“Yes, I think so. And a bottle of water.”

“Ok,” Danda said and started to leave.

“Actually, no. Not a tea, thanks. Just a water.”

“Just a water?”

“Yeh, thanks.”

And off he went, to the cafe cart. He was gone quite a while. I was getting hungry and couldn’t stop thinking about the croissant Danda was bringing back to me. My throat hurt and I was looking forward to having a nice cool drink of water.

I waited and waited and wondered what had happened.

After about fifteen minutes Danda arrived back at the table and gave me a bottle of water. I looked in his hands and couldn’t see anything else. Not a coffee for himself or a croissant for me or anything. Hmm.

He sat down, super casual, and started making idle chatter about the recent snow.

“Danda,” I said, timidly. Clearly something had happened here and I did not know what it was. “Danda, where are all the other things? I thought you would have got a cup of coffee?”

“O yes, I had one. There are little tables there where you can have your coffee so I had it there.”

“And the croissant?”

“Yes, I had one with my coffee. It was quite nice. They give you two little ones with your coffee.”

“And the other one? Where is that one?”

“I started it but got quite full. I threw most of the second one in the bin.”

“Um, in the bin? Why did you put it in the bin? Didn’t you bring one for me?”

“O. I thought you just wanted the water. I threw the other croissant away.”

Yes that’s right. Not only had he thought I only wanted water but he had eaten a croissant whilst there, then had a bite of a second and thrown it in the bin. The bin, readers. The bin in carriage number 13. While I starved in carriage number 18.

Any advice on what I should do about this situation?

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  1. Posted by Alex Jones on January 28, 2013 at 15:28

    Introduce Danda to the idea of sustainability… throwing food away is a waste, especially when there is a hungry willing person that would like that food.


  2. 0/10 for Danda! However before I travel I always make a sandwich at home just in case there’s nothing en route. That way I save money on the rail food/drink which is never cheap. Also easy to drop in the bag a small bottled water or soft drink and then you don’t have to worry. You just have to think ahead. If I’m on an early start I make it the night before. The other thing is try to make sure you use a toilet before travel as I have found a number of times I’ve got onto a train and either there were just no toilets or they were broken. (Also on this subject, a bit of additional insurance: keep a few sheets of paper with you as train loos can sometimes have no paper for number 2s. Have you ever sat down and THEN realised no paper in the holder?) I can do without the one-hour squirm! The solution is think ahead – be prepared.


  3. You could use this information in any study that comes up to prove that men and women really do come from different planets. Thanks for the chuckle! Give Danda a hug, cause we women really are hard to figure out.

    Blessings ~ Wendy


  4. You have made it clear enough that Danda loves you. So, I think it truly was an honest mistake. Had I made it, I would have gone back to get you one. Since he didn’t, I would have gone back if I were you. Don’t let anger ruin your times together.


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