Things I learned from watching Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was very tall.

He was also a Republican. I realised I don’t know what party most of America’s presidents were from (apart from the most recent ones). I know names and policies, eg Roosevelt and The New Deal. But I don’t really know whether they were Democrat or Republican.

It was really hard to get the 13th Amendment through. I didn’t realise how many educated men had opposed it.

The 13th Amendment was such a massive thing. I think we don’t realise it because we live in an age where slavery seems so incomprehensible.

Abraham Lincoln and his wife didn’t really get on a lot of the time.

All but one of his sons died before adulthood.

Everything was so dark at night time, pre-electricity.

Sometimes, as humans, we do the wrong thing. And sometimes we do the right thing. There is hope for us yet.

Abraham Lincoln was a self-taught lawyer. He read some Blackstone’s guides then passed the Bar and started practising. I reckon I could probably skip bar school and do the same. What do you think? (I didn’t actually learn from the film, I Googled it afterward.)

Lincoln was assassinated right in the thick of the war ending and the Amendment being passed. I hadn’t realised it was so soon.

Orange Wednesday is mental time to go to the cinema. I’ve never seen so many people waiting in a line to buy popcorn. (I learned that from the cinema experience itself, not the film.)

A bottle of water in the shop is £1. A bottle of water in the cinema is £2.75.

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  1. Posted by Alex Jones on January 31, 2013 at 13:11

    Lincoln said something along the lines of when about to cut down a tree spend two thirds of your time sharpening the axe. In other words prepare well. I always prepare well before I hit the cinema by buying what I want and smuggling it in, saves a lot of money. Another alternative is wait until the DVD comes out 🙂


  2. I have GOT to see this! There is a book titled “April 1865” and it is about the impact that one month had on the course of American history. Lincoln’s assassination was so sad, he had worked so hard. And from what I know of it…Mary Todd had some mental health issues. This weekend and I’m getting Diet Coke and Popcorn!!!


    • Yeh, her son (the only one who survived past 18), had her admitted to a mental institute after Lincoln’s death as she had gone a bit crazy with grieving her sons and husband. Definitely go and see it. It deserves all the hype it is getting.


  3. Prices are horrible at the cinema.
    Glad you learned so much.


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