I am the Litter Lady!

Day 1 of usefulness went well. I had the following two instructions.

Un-litter the land – take a trash bag to the local playground or park and pick up litter.
(The Difference A Day Makes by Karen M. Jones)

Separate your rubbish – keep aside things that need recycling and, once a week, take it to your local recycling bins.
(Going Green by Simon Gear)

The second one requires nothing of me as I am fortunate enough to live in an area where the council provides each individual home with three recycling bins – one for food, one for paper and one for everything else. So I already have that covered. That box is ticked.

The first one I did when I got in from work yesterday afternoon. I got a recycle-able paper bag and walked to my favourite park. Along the way, however, I noticed three things.

The first was that there was rubbish on the ground that I was passing to get to the park. So I started picking that up on my way and filling my bag.


The second was that walking with my head down looking at the ground gives me a bit of a bad back as I tend to look up when I walk. I felt a bit Hunchback Of Notre Dame-esque.

The third was that I had left my Crocs on after work which, Danda says, makes me look ‘like a tramp.’

So there I was, hunched over, in my best tramp get-up, collecting rubbish in a bag. I dread to think what people thought I was doing. Getting padding for my pretend mattress made of old newspapers and plastic bags, probably.

Anyway, despite my Hunchback and bad Crocs, I soldiered on until, at the end of the road into the park, I found a load of recycling bins. I recycled all I could, emptied the unrecyclables into a bin and then recycled the bag.


I then straightened up and treated myself to a long walk around the park.

I no longer had my hunchback or my bag of rubbish but I did still have my Crocs on….

18 responses to this post.

  1. Nothing wrong with Crocs. I wear them an awful lot as it is hard for me to bend enough to put tennis shoes on.


  2. Lovely idea. But I have to chime in on the Crocs. Ugly bugly footwear. My husband gave me a pair of crocs for my birthday years ago and, despite always being appreciative for whatever gift I am given, we barely avoided divorce over that one! Case closed. Back to separating the trash now


    • Omygoodness. Danda spent months stealing my Crocs to wear around the garden so for his birthday, I took him to the Crocs shop! That’s right. There’s a shop. He was made up! They’re still ugly as sin though.


  3. 1. What is a council?
    2. Doesn’t litter piss you off?
    3. Nice crocs


  4. Posted by Alex Jones on March 1, 2013 at 00:07

    Well done on your contribution for a better environment.


  5. Posted by jumeirajames on March 1, 2013 at 08:43

    Great post as usual, a little bit of life explained simply.
    And well done for cleaning the place up – you should see the Middle East, where throwing rubbish out of a moving car is an art form.


  6. Posted by Our Adventure in Croatia on March 1, 2013 at 19:08

    we also do our recycling bit (paper, bottles, metal cans go in a special bag which gets collected) and I love my crocs!


  7. […] Ah. Ok. Yes. I did promise I’d help with that, didn’t I? And I did, World. I did. On Day 1, I donned my best dirty Crocs, grabbed a bag and walked around collecting rubbish. I then divided […]


  8. […] instructed to do are not enough to carry a whole post. So after I was asked in one book to go and de-litter my local park, my other book instructed me to pick up one peice of litter every day so I have been doing that for […]


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