A dream I had last night

I had a strangely long and obscure dream last night. It went like this.

My friends, Sophie and Jay, and I were in Australia. We were travelling and having an adventure type of holiday. I remember us going to a shopping arcade place which had those cloth bag things which are brightly coloured and part of the general attire of people who have recently returned from a gap year. At one end was really expensive stuff so we never went to that end.

Suddenly it was our last day and we had to get our flight home at 2.15pm. It was only a few hours off and I started to panic. Sophie and Jay didn’t seem too worried and next minute, we were doing that thing I’ve seen on TV, where you have suction pads on your hands and feet and you climb up the side of glass buildings. I had the hand bits and was climbing up and when I got to the top, Sophie and Jay were already there somehow.

When I started looking for the suction things to climb back down I couldn’t find the feet bits and I started to panic again because I thought we’d miss the flight. I really didn’t want to miss it because if we had to buy tickets to get the next flight it would cost at least £70 (!).

Somehow we were back down the side of the building and it was 1.15pm and we rushed back to the hostel where we were staying and asked the people at the desk there if it would be faster to go by train or taxi. They said taxi so I ran to the room to get my backpack. The other two already had theirs with them even though they hadn’t gone to get them. Such is the way of dreams ….

When I came back to the reception, Sophie and Jay weren’t there. They had gone for lunch somewhere. I panicked. I saw their bags but there was only an hour til the flight. I didn’t have time to wait for them! I ran outside, flagged down a passing taxi and jumped in.

I got to the airport with ten minutes to spare, yelling at them to hold the plane. I checked in and started to run to the gate but it was really just one big room with one gate. So I just stood there and one side of the building was glass so I saw a small plane come in and land on a grassy area right next to the building. The other passengers and I marvelled at its smallness. There were only about twelve seats.

We walked out to get onto the plane but suddenly there was a swampy bit we had to cross so we got wet up to our knees. I also realised that in my rush I had forgotten to check my bag in so hoped no-one would notice it.

As I got on and sat down and strapped, Soph and Jay were there too and Jay was pregnant. She had been pregnant the whole time, I think, but I had been unaware of it for some reason. And Sophie was saying to me, “I can’t believe you left us,” and I was going, “Well, I looked for you all over. If you two were going to be stranded in Australia, there was no point me being stranded there too, just for the sake of it.”

They seemed especially annoyed that I had left them with Jay being pregnant.

We were just strapping ourselves in and having this discussion when my alarm beeped and when I opened my eyes, I was genuinely surprised that I wasn’t on a plane.


Analyse that, psychologists.

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  1. Posted by Alex Jones on March 15, 2013 at 09:02

    It looks like you are looking for a change of scene or an adventure. Dreams are personal to each person, dream books are useless to interpret them.


  2. Posted by jumeirajames on March 15, 2013 at 09:20

    You seek inner peace, a life, ‘home’ but inwardly you feel it will be impossible to attain. You fear that ‘life’ will frustrate your ambitions (you know that’s what always happened you, don’t you?)

    ps I’m a Jungian when it comes to the Interpretation of Dreams – everything and everybody in the dream is you. The taxi, the pregnant friend, the climbing. All you.


    • I guess it’s true of most people that the things they set out to do were frustrated by the ‘life’ things that got in the way. I imagine I’m one of many who’s still dreaming big. One day I will be a world famous pianist/lawyer/gourmet chef. Any day now….


  3. It sounds to me as if you feel rushed and pushed by deadlines and worry.
    Also, you think that other people seem to hold you up from getting to where you need to be. But, it all seems to work out.
    How’s that?


    • I live quite a relaxed life, actually. Maybe I have imagined deadlines in my mind…? By age 30, I will be the best blogger the world has ever seen, for example…?


  4. I would say that you are clearly looking to move whether physically or emotionally and you feel stuck by external forces. How ’bout that?!


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