R is for…


That’s right. Danda and I are leaving these wintery shores (well, not exactly wintery, it’s quite nice and sunny in England now) for warmer climes abroad (my weather app says there’ll be cloud but I’m hoping otherwise).

Yes, we’re off to Italy. To the beautiful island of Capri. To the coast. To the sea. To the pizzas of Naples. To the ash-preserved ruins of Pompeii. To the volcanic heights of Vesuvius. To the colossal sights of Capua. To the porcini mushrooms and fresh asparagus of the street markets. To the truffle laden plates of pasta. To the bowls piled high with homemade icecream. To the strong palate-cleansing espressos. To the mountains and the blue skies and bays of the Amalfi coast.

Off we go! Here’s hoping my phone works over there!


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  1. Posted by Alex Jones on April 20, 2013 at 13:44

    Have fun!


  2. One of my favourite places in the world! Last time I was there I got lost inside Pompei and I had pizza every single day. Not to worry, you can walk it off around Capri. Try and find the little gay nude beach on Capri- it’s a hike down but you don’t have to go nude if you don’t want to and it’s really pretty.


    • It is now also one of my favourite places in the world! So relaxed and beautiful. We found a beach near the Marina Piccola but as it wasn’t tourist season, there was hardly anyone anywhere so no idea if it is normally nude as it was totally empty! It was very beautiful though.


  3. Posted by pamasaurus on April 20, 2013 at 22:33



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