Madame Forager strikes again

And so the foraging fun continues. There have been lots more nettles, which have found their way into soups….


… But there have also been dandelion leaves, which went into a lamb stew. Apparently, you can eat every bit of a dandelion plant, from root to flower, and it’s really good for you.

The next thing I’m about to tell you I’ve ‘foraged’ is a bit of a cheat because I’ve been growing it myself. I got the kit from Hen and Hammock and planted it shortly after getting back from Italy at the end of April. You ‘plant’ it in the pages of a book you have soaked with water. Then you wrap the whole thing in plastic for a few weeks, until it starts to grow a white fluff. Then you cut the bag open and let the little mushrooms start to grow.


Within three or four days, they have swelled up like some alien GM food and the dark pinhead cups have faded a little…



… With just two or three more days of growing, they are getting pretty big and ready for eating.


The plan is to harvest them tonight when two vegetarian friends arrive for dinner. I’ll probably fry them in a bit of truffle butter.

So I haven’t even eaten them yet! So most of this post has been a lie. I told you I ‘foraged some mushrooms’ when I should have said, ‘I am growing some mushrooms from a kit I bought and I will eat them this evening.’

If there is another post tomorrow morning, you will know I have survived the ‘foraged’ mushrooms.

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  1. I am so excited to try the mushrooms. What an honour!


  2. Gee, you are brave…looks bizarre. Definitely on your way to a successful foraging life.


    • I’d like to think so. Dandelion leaves is the new favourite thing but I’m not sure where I can go from here as I’m pretty scared of getting ill! I am proceeding with much caution.


  3. […] The unveiling of the first harvest of my home grown mushrooms. […]


  4. I gotta go back and read more about the nettles. I didn’t order any nettle food but I did try the fried pigs head and it was pretty good. It’s just like pig cheeks deep fried with really good aioli.


  5. Not a “lie”; it’s just writer’s liberties.


  6. Posted by Alex Jones on June 22, 2013 at 20:33

    In about a week I am sure the cherry trees in Colchester will be ripe with fruit, then a race for the fruit begins between me and the birds.

    Eating nettles scares me.


    • Yeh, you have to wilt them a little bit first then the sting will go then you just put them into your soup and blend it all and there’s no way it can do anything to you by then.


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