Madame Forager and friends survive the mushrooms!

Ok, guys. Let’s get to it. It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The unveiling of the first harvest of my home grown mushrooms.

Let me remind you how they looked on Tuesday morning.


And this is how they looked on Tuesday evening.


I cut the biggest ones, split them in half and threw in a few shitake mushrooms I found in the fridge to bulk it up a little as there were five hungry mouths to feed. I fried them for about five minutes in a little bit of truffle butter and a splash of olive oil, until they had softened and started to sizzle. I fried for a few seconds longer then sprinkled a little truffle salt over to serve.

As there were only a few of the mushrooms, I didn’t want them to get lost in a bigger dish of vegetables so we had pea and mint soup to start, then the mushrooms were like a little post-soup novelty feature – just a small bite, given a space of it’s own in the evening’s dining. We all ummed and ahhed and made the appropriate noises to make sure all the weeks of growing had been worth it. And they were actually tasty (helped by the hints of truffly goodness). 

Then we had our main meal, a parmigiana with loads of greens on the side. More umming and ahhing and my self esteem shot through the roof. For, as I have previously mentioned (and anyone who loves cooking for and feeding others knows), it’s the praise for our food that makes us feel it is also praise for us. We feel loved when someone compliments our courgettes or enthuses about our endive.

All in all, it was a successful evening and a successful mushroom course, I’d say.

And no-one got mushroom poisoning (unlike the woman who picked some mushrooms from her garden to add to a can of mushroom soup and died).


Well, that’s me for today. I’m off to Ham House in a mo to get my 17th century scullery maid groove on.

9 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve always loved your courgettes.
    I forgot to mention that we also had black pepper and truffle oil popcorn.
    A bientot Madame Forager!


    • O. M. G. How was the truffle popcorn? Tell me tell me! I don’t care about the nettles! Tell me about the truffles. O god, the truffles. Salivate….


  2. I suppose you could say that not only did your recipe come out of a book but the mushrooms did too! And I expect you were all quite full after eating them – didn’t have mushroom for anything else! (The old ones are still the best….)


  3. I play “Skyrim” (video game) and one of the ingredients you can harvest to make poison is mushroom cap.


  4. good post! has to be very careful with mushrooms!! In Portugal once in a while someone died for picking and eating mushrooms! some of these people lived in the city ,who know nothing about mushrooms!!!


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