A cup of tea in the garden

Take your morning coffee out into the garden (Simon Gear, Going Greener)

I’ve been sitting on this one for a little while now, feeling like this was the next direction to go in with my Living Usefully project but not quite getting round to it.

As I drink tea, not coffee, I have adjusted it slightly but last night I decided that today was the day when I would take my tea into the garden. The weather has been nice all weekend and there have been some recent additions to the garden which I thought would make standing out there a lovely thing to do.

We recently got a cherry tree, a plum tree, a strawberry plant, tomato plants, a tall fuschia plant and a load of pansies and lobelia so there is a lot to look at in the garden right now. I was looking forward to my tea-in-the-garden plan.

Then I woke up, fifteen minutes ago. The birds were singing, the air felt warm and I pulled back the covers.

Then I looked out of the window. It was pouring with rain and everything looked soaked.


So I pulled the covers over me again, rolled over and went back to sleep.

Sorry, everyone. I’m sorry. I tried, sort of. I’ll try again tomorrow. Maybe.

11 responses to this post.

  1. We had this day yesterday. Hunker down LLM! The rain is busy making everything green and lovely.


    • If it could just give me a ten minute window to have my cup of tea though, that would be nice. It absolutely poured all day though, so I don’t reckon I’ll be getting one anytime soon. My strawberries better grow loads if I’m to put up with all this rain.


  2. Posted by Our Adventure in Croatia on May 29, 2013 at 11:57

    looks like my garden, do you live nearby? I can tell the rain is the same!! 😉


    • Yep. I think it’s pretty much the same in most of Europe. I’ve spoken to people in Portugal, Spain and Italy who said it’s been cold and rainy and even snowy! Today, people were wearing woolly hats!


  3. Sometimes, sitting in front of a window looking at your garden isn’t so bad.


  4. […] a week ago, I attempted another challenge from my book called Going Greener by Simon Gear. He asked me to have a cup of tea in the garden. It was about […]


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