Things Mimi says

Some of you may remember my colleague, Mimi, from the day she fell off a stepladder at work or the time we hugged goodbye after our shift. Mimi’s a straight-talkin kinda gal. She don’t take no nonsense. And she speaks her mind. It often makes for much fun at work. Here are just a few examples of the things she says.

Me: Can I get a Californian club on granary bread please?
Mimi: You sounded like a dalek then.
Me: Alright.
*a minute later, Mimi’s face appears from out of the kitchen*
Mimi: Laura, what was that order?
Me: (laughing) Have you forgotten it already? I only just gave it to you!
Mimi: I know but I was thinking about daleks.

Manager: I got this new top in town. What do you think?
Other staff: Oo, nice! Lovely.
Me: I like the pattern around the neck.
Customer: O, nice colour! It’ll suit you.
Mimi: It looks cheap.

Me: Bees are so amazing.
Mimi: O, alright! Enough about the bees!
(I had mentioned them once.)

Mimi: O no! Kitchen bogies!
Me: What are kitchen bogies?
Mimi: When you’ve been in the kitchen all day cooking so your bogies look wierd.
Me: Ummm…

Mimi: I’m going to be a lady for my new year’s resolution. I’m not ladylike enough. So I’m going to be a lady from now on.
*three minutes later*
Mimi: (burps)

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