Things that blow my mind

Space. It is literally mindblowing. There so much of it. There are so many universes and planets and stars and it goes on and on. When that guy skydived from space to earth… My mind EXPLODED! Sometimes I can’t even watch space programmes on TV because there is SO much to understand, I don’t even know where to start. It’s so epic.

Telescopes. Same as space, sort of. I just can’t believe how I can look in a little tube thing in my garden and see something quite clearly that is a billion billion hundred million miles away in the sky. (Don’t quote me on that figure.)

Bees. Of the last ten days on my blog, I think four have been about bees. They’re so amazing.


The Romans. The fact that so much of what they made survives today. The fact that they got to so many places around the world. The systems they invented which still exist today, eg the rule of law.

The people at Pompeii. Because that’s real actual people who were actually alive two thousand actual years ago. And actually had lives and walked around Pompeii as real people and lived there. Actually lived there. Mind blowing.


I asked Danda what he thought I should write next and he said, “Danda.”

I asked, “Cause you drive a taxi so well?”

He said, “No, because I just blow your mind. I’m just amazing. I’m just. Amazing. And I make a good cup of tea.”

Now, this is true. He does make a good cup of tea. So he is allowed on the list.

12 responses to this post.

  1. You need to add you to the list. You, Laura, blow my mind. You are noble and I know that you don’t think you are but you are.

    Again, have you read The Secret Life of Bees?

    I hope you found some milk and tea. xoxox


    • Oo, I meant to get hold of a copy after you mentioned it before and forgot. I’m going to download it on my Kindle, immediately! I’m in Houston now, with my auntie and uncle and they gave me tea with proper milk in. Phew! Thanks for the lovely comment x


  2. Astronomy and bees – both are mind-blowing! 🙂


  3. How big are we really? And how big is BIG?? Have a watch of this one and see if you can get your head round the numbers – I just can’t!!!


  4. Posted by Alex Jones on June 22, 2013 at 13:47

    Amazing blog.


  5. He does indeed make a good cup of tea! ★


  6. I am glad that Danda is on the list. I know more about him than Pompeii.


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