The pub quiz (part 2)

On Tuesday last week, Danda and a friend and I decided it was time we went and won the pub quiz cause the prize was £490. So we went. And we won. And they gave us some drinks vouchers and kept the money. Apparently the way they do it, so you have to get picked from a hat to win, is called a ‘snowball’ prize.

We did not get picked from the hat so we didn’t get a chance to answer the question or win the money. We were gutted.

So, three days ago, with new resolve, we decided it was time to go and win that money. Off we went, to the pub quiz, to get that money.

We were answering the questions really well. The inventor of something or other was called Birdseye… True. What was Fred Flintstone’s favourite sport? Bowling. What did the Earl of Sandwich create whilst gambling? The sandwich. Et cetera. Et cetera.


We missed a few more than last time because there wasn’t a customer from the deli helping out after having a few drinks, like last time. But overall, we ended up with half a point more than we had the previous week, when we won.

The quizmaster came around to collect the papers and we looked at him, hopefully. He looked at our score.

“Is ours the highest score?” we asked.

“It is, yeh.” He only had one more paper to collect so we were hopefully we could win.

“But you know you get docked five points, right,” he said, as though it were no big deal.

My face fell. Danda laughed at my devastated face and described me as “a kid who’s had all her sweets taken away.”

“Why?” I asked, in confusion.

“Because you won last week.”

So now we are to be penalised for being clever?! We’ve answered those questions and we’ve got that score. Stop bullying us! Give us our 96.5 points!

It’s hard being penalised for having a massive brain and winning at everything.

So when he added everything up and read out the scores, we came second… Rude.

And then we didn’t get picked out of the hat to answer the question to win the money. We didn’t actually know the answer anyway.

We’ve decided that next week is our week. We’ll win the quiz then we’ll get the question and we’ll get the money and then we’ll be loaded and I’ll go off and buy a farm. That’s right. A farm. With my one third of the £510 prize….

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  1. Posted by Alex Jones on June 28, 2013 at 09:26

    How unfair! You go and win that prise and buy yourself a cow and a few chickens, a good start for a farm.


  2. Posted by Alex Jones on June 28, 2013 at 09:27

    Oh dear, you see I never win prizes by being clever in quizzes… prise should read prize.


  3. Posted by racheve on June 28, 2013 at 11:09

    This would not make me happy, I’m sure a bad loser! Good luck for next week


  4. Derwood and I did this once and the questions were so insanely obscure, we got like 3 right. Stupid pub trivia.

    go team LLM!


    • Yeh, Danda gets most of the questions right actually. He’s always reading a book. He loves history stuff. And he listens to the news all the time. If it weren’t for him, I’d be the girl in the corner with 1 point….


  5. That’s unbelievably annoying! I’M proud of you, for what it’s worth. I can’t answer trivia to save my life. Literally. If I were strung up over a volcano and only answering a Jeopardy question correctly would keep them from cutting the rope… I’d be barbecue.


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