Treehouses, pirate ships and flamenco dresses

After a bit of a rollercoaster week, I spent yesterday with some friends and their children. Children are the perfect antidote to sadness. Especially these ones.


We went to a National Trust property called Anglesey Abbey and walked around the extensive grounds.


At the end of this path we found….


A treehouse!


Molly playing hide and seek on the top floor of the treehouse.


Top floor!


Up in the trees 🙂


Further along the path, we found a pirate ship and everyone got straight to dressing up!


Danda and Molly in pirate gear… Ella in a doctor’s jacket and a blue sparkly skirt….. Not your normal pirate outfit but who am I to criticise?


She was the ship’s cook, apparently.


The Abbey from afar.


Just because we got home, doesn’t mean dressing up time has finished. Out comes the flamenco dress and little Molly starts busting out the moves.

Treehouses, pirate ships and flamenco dresses. Just an average day with the children.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Tree houses are probably the best thing in the whole world. I would probably still live in one today if given the opportunity.


    • This one was totally live-in-able! I could easily have stayed there long term. Maybe we should have one on our Tuscan olive farm?


      • You know, I thought I wanted to live under a lemon tree in Tuscany but I think living in one is even better. Our man slaves will have to live under the trees but we will need proper tree houses of our own. This is the road forward, I’m sure of it.

      • There’s no doubt about it. Treehouse life on a Tuscany olive farm with man slaves to tend the olives and lemon trees and bring us things to eat.

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