Jobs I have had

Pizza Hut
I worked in Pizza Hut when I was 17 and I remember my first day there was only a few days after I had reached my goal weight at Weight Watchers. Suffice to say, I did not stay at my goal weight for long. My favourite thing to do at Pizza Hut was to fill my little waist bag thing with the chocolate buttons and Smarties from the icecream station then whenever I had to nip into the back for anything, I’d eat a few. I was in this job for six months or so before the shifts started trailling off and I realised they were trying to get rid of me so I left. They probably noticed I was scoffing all their sweets.

Miss Selfridges
I worked here as a Christmas temp whilst also working at Pizza Hut. It was pretty boring. My friend from school had got me the job. Standing next to the changing rooms was probably the most boring thing I did here. I remember once going in after a night out with earlier mentioned friend. For some reason, the other staff were all somewhere else and I felt really rough and there were no customers in the shop so I sneaked into stockroom, vomited into a Miss Selfridges plastic bag, deposited it in the bin there and strolled out like nothing had happened. That’s me. A picture of class. One of my finest moments, wouldn’t you say?

Paper girl
I did this when I was about 16 and quite liked it. At first my mum would give me a lift cause the round was quite big but after a while I started walking it and I really liked it. It was just on Sundays and the walk went trough quite a nice bit of Liverpool, with parks and huge private houses and private roads where I was given the number combinations to unlock the gates and one of the houses I delivered to was a famous footballer. At Christmas time, these houses went crazy for decorations. Their entire front would be lit up and there were scenes of reindeer and Santas filling their front gardens. Christmas was also fabulous for tips. One gentleman opened the door when I walked up to the house, invited me to stand in the hallway and nipped off to get me a tip. There was the most enormous Christmas tree in his hallway and I was very impressed by it. He gave me a huge tip and other houses followed suit and by the end of my paper round, I had £70 just in tips! And that was only that week. The following week I got given more Christmas tips. It was pretty exciting. I went to a pet shop and bought Christmas presents for pet fish with my tips. A wise use of money, I feel.

Shoe shop
I don’t even remember what the shop was called. But the manager there was a pile of nonsense. She was rude to the children, yes, the children. One little girl was asking about some shoes off the shelf and said she needed a bigger size and the manager went, “I’ve just got to go and get it, alright?!” all huffy. The little girl was about six years old. I was never really trained on stuff properly yet she’d periodically ‘test’ me on how to do things then get all attitudey when I gave her the wrong answer.

I worked there for five years while I was a student and there’s no excuse apart from, it was convenient and I was lazy to look for another job. The manager was nice but she left under a shroud of mystery – she went on ‘holiday’ to Italy and never came back. It was lots of coffee and the customers really annoyed me. There were a few regulars who’s sole purpose, it seemed, was to confuse us. One woman would always ask for “An americano with milk separate, all in the same cup.” I mean that is crazy talk. How can it be separate and also in the same cup?

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  1. Haha, loved your post. Must say Laura, I enjoy your writing 🙂


  2. I bet all those experiences stood to you, yes, even the lousy manager experience.


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  4. Maybe the ‘Americano’ defied the laws of physics and had the milk settle on one level?
    I came over because of “No Page Left Blank,” and am reminded of my retail days at a Hallmark store. There’s nothing quite as… interesting as working directly with the public.


  5. At least you can put olive grove owner/master of man slaves on your resume now…what a relief.


  6. Posted by Alex Jones on July 29, 2013 at 21:12

    Wonderful life experience. I remember my paper rounds, three of them, lots of Xmas tips.


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