He’s got a sweaty back

Emily at The Waiting has told me to write something again. So I must. I must do what she says. She says I should write about ‘the time we almost melted.’ So here goes.

My first memory of extreme sweatiness is always the day two friends and I walked to the market in Laos. We were in Vientiene, the capital and travelling to Vang Vieng in a minibus in the afternoon so we decided that in the morning we would walk to the market. This journey turned out to be the most ridiculously hot journey I’ve ever taken in my life.

We walked and we walked and we walked. And we sweated. Boy, did we sweat! My over-the-shoulder bag strap was pressing my t-shirt tight onto my skin so that there was a bag strap shape in sweat when I took the bag off. That day was the first time I’ve ever felt sweat gather in the crease between my bum and my leg then break free and run down to my knee. I’ve never felt so disgusting in my life.

When we got to the market, I bought a new t-shirt because the amount of dry patches were so few it was embarrassing.

Later that same trip, the three of us were in a little cafe in Lopburi near the monkey temples and this man came in and sat down. Now, the three of us can get pretty childish if left to our own devices and this poor man had the same problem I had in the Laos story above – when he took his backpack off, the shape of the backpack was printed on his t-shirt in sweat.

Well! It was too much, we couldn’t contain ourselves. You know that Justin Timberlake song, Sexyback? It just so happens that singing Sweatyback instead fits perfectly and is much much funnier. So we sang it. Then we giggled uncontrollably. Then he stood up and left without having ordered anything.

I think he heard our song.

Last but not least, my most recent melting episode was on Monday, my first day in Ham House. I was wearing a top that wasn’t very breathable. It was yellow (I should have gone with safe black or white, given the high chance that I might be sweating) so I was quite clearly overheating for everyone to see.

I just had to ignore it and keep on like nothing wierd was happening and I didn’t feel like my organs were being cooked on a barbecue.

Just a normal first day on the job. Sweat and awkwardness. That’s me.

I can see now, why they wanted me on board.

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  1. Since starting into running, I`ve been sweating far more. Not just when running, of course, but even while at rest. Especially back sweating. And there`s nothing like knowing the people behind you can see that big dark band on your back.
    But now I know they`re probably humming a Justin Timberlake song to themselves too!


  2. I lived in South Korea, and I remember getting so sweaty like that during the summers. Ever since I got back, I sweat more than I ever have. It’s like your body gets used to it and it becomes permanent.


    • Omygoodness, yes! Especially working in a kitchen, which is anyway hot and more so in the summer. You can’t get all bothered about it because there’s too much to do. You just accept it, apologise to your colleagues and get on with things.


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  4. During my first week at a national chain restaurant as a waiter, I attempted to “tap” my first beer keg so it could be served. Someone had told me how, but no supervision at the time. I sprayed about a pitcher’s worth all over my front and face. Then the news: 6 and 1/2 hours left on shift and no uniforms to change into! I hate beer and its smell to this day.


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  6. Posted by Alex Jones on July 29, 2013 at 12:52

    They say if you cannot handle the heat get out of the kitchen, you handle the challenges well.


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