Things I did yesterday

1. Met baby Mia




2. Had photo fun at work


3. Made a cake of Ham House. You know. As you do.


Anyone else make their workplace out of cake yesterday?


8 responses to this post.

  1. Ooohh, teeny tiny baby! How old? Love the cake! And no, I didn`t!


  2. Baby Mia is too cute! You are a close second ;D


    • Why, thank you! Is it that excited childlike overbite that I’m doing in the photo that warrants that ‘cute’ comment. Some might say psychotic, you say cute. I’m going with yours…..


  3. Oh my goodness, that baby is perfect. Tell whoever made her that they did a good job, especially on the hair. I just love babies with lots of dark hair, in fact, if mine don’t come with hair like that, I’m sending them back! Nah, just kidding…I’ll keep them.


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