Surfing rats

Yes, you read it right. The post is indeed called ‘Surfing rats.’ And it’s that simple. It’s a post about surfing rats.

And you’ll never guess where I found this story… It’s everyone’s favourite, Chat magazine!


I know, I know! What an amazing front cover. It’s hard to know where to start. The lady in the top right with no hands or feet (the result of gangrene setting in after she had fillers in her bum from a dodgy fake doctor)? Raped in the car park? Human dustbin? And I’m told I will weep when I read about a woman hugging her mum after 36 years.

Now, I know I’m not typical of the Chat-reading public. Maybe most people will weep when they read it. But a) I hate being told what my reaction will be, I am not a performing monkey; and b) I never ever get teary and all warm fuzzy feelings in my heart when I see mothers and children reunited. It’s just not one of those things that makes me feel all emotional. If the end of a film is a mother and child making friends and hugging and being all lovey, I feel bored. I feel cheated that I’ve invested my time watching to get such a non-ending.

Anyway, of all those front cover stories, which one do you think I headed for? That’s right, the random picture in the top left of a mouse on a skateboard. You’ve gotta love a mouse on a skateboard!


“I started teaching them in the bath… Using a remote controlled boat, I towed them around in the water,” says Shane, 42, from Australia. We are told that mice take three months to learn new tricks. Do we think Shane has a girlfriend?

After months of bath training, he put them in the actual sea!


“Training the mice soon became my full time job,” says Shane. When it was cold over winter, he created some indoor fun for them…



That top photo is indeed a mouse on a skateboard flying out of a half-pipe!

“After a bit more coaching, they were flipping the board…. I also taught the daredevils to jump through a flaming hoop!”

O yes. Flipping the board. And jumping through flaming hoops. I’m just going to ask again, whether we think that Shane has a girlfriend.


On that note.. happy Sunday, everyone!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by racheve on September 1, 2013 at 11:33

    Girlfriend or not he seems pretty fulfilled with his achievements, ha ha if only I could be so easily pleased!


    • Yeh. Training mice to surf is his life’s work! Mine is… Making cakes…. Um. Maybe it’s time to save the environment or something? Making cakes doesn’t sound that impressive, does it?


      • Posted by racheve on September 1, 2013 at 21:27

        Depends if you say making cakes or…. bringing a little sunshine and happiness to different people everyday

  2. Lazylaura.. you are one twisted sistah and I love your perspective! I too get a lot of good life lessons from the ‘Chat’ or National Enquirer (USA)… type of mags while in line at the market waiting to buy my bisquits and such.
    Trashy headlines will keep us in the ‘KNOW’ .


  3. Posted by Alex Jones on September 1, 2013 at 21:23

    Of mice and men.


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