Things I have recently made at Ham House

The other day I was talking about the lovely fresh fruit and vegetables that the gardeners bring us at the Ham House cafe. Today, I’m going to show you that food in action. This is just a few of the things we have done with the garden produce.


A fig and greengage tart


An almond cake with blackcurrants and raspberries


A gooseberry and apricot tart


Mixture of dried herbs to flavour soups and risottos and stews


Edible flowers decorating the cake section. The tart on the bottom left is with blackcurrants from the garden


One of the table displays that a gardener made for the cafe


10 responses to this post.

  1. I love that this is your job!


  2. That cake display is so pretty and inviting!


  3. You show all the signs of absolutely loving where you work. Great pics and an interesting follow up on your last post.


    • Thank you. I do love it. Even on the days when I’m not rota-ed to work, I go in to sort the harvest out or to do the volunteering that I started out doing there. It’s a nice place to spend one’s time.


  4. It all looks delicious, Laura.


  5. I want to live there, I think! 😀


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