School photos

This week, the Blog Hop subject over at The Waiting and Are You Finished Yet is school photos. Now, I’m not going to lie and pretend I have an awful lot of fascinating/amusing stories to tell you about school photos as I really don’t remember a lot about them. What I do have, though, are a few old school photos that you may or may not enjoy looking at. If you’re lucky, I’ll dredge a few memories up (possibly I’ll throw some fake ones in there too, as a filler) to kind of bind the whole thing together.

Here goes.

Look at this photo.


Look at little me there, obediently putting my hands on my knees. I’ve obviously been told to do so by the photographer lady who, if I remember rightly, was Elizabeth Pie’s mum. And why, o why, did we never sing ‘Who ate all the pies?’ to Elizabeth Pie?! What a wasted opportunity for entertainment at another child’s expense. And, let’s face it, school was made up of entertainment at the expense of other children. I was never really that child. There was always the buffer zone of a fat friend to absorb the teasing before they got to me.

I do remember it being quite good fun to wait for my older brother to collect me from my class to get a photo together. That was exciting because the other kids looked in wonder at him, like he was the coolest thing thing since sliced bread, simply because he was ten and we were seven.

I remember always sitting on the front row for the photos though, being on the smaller side. I think there’s another photo lingering on here. Let me just run and get it.


Yeh, I couldn’t find it. But what I did find was a photo of me eating crisps from a bucket. What’s not to love?!


And a photo of me sitting in a chair, wearing a Hello Kitty tshirt when I was definitely old enough to know better.


Look at me, full of life and always smiling. She’s so damn cheerful all the time, that’s what everyone used to say about me. Sort of.

And now, having failed to find any school photos apart from that one at the beginning, I shall slink off and admit that this week, I did not do the Blog Hop proud.

15 responses to this post.

  1. Well, you have it a go πŸ™‚ And our rules are obviously super-strict. That school photo is pretty cute!


  2. I only have a very few pics of school and I am only in 1-2 of them!


  3. I need to move to England. There are people named Pie there. Eff America.


  4. Don’t you just love old photos like this?


  5. Your pictures are still priceless anyway!


  6. I don’t know, I really enjoyed this post! As someone who also never smiles, I enjoyed that piece of self-deprecating sarcasm. I also love the picture of you eating crisps, that face is priceless. And I also love the idea of you singing a pie themed song to Elizabeth Pie. Good stuff all around.


  7. I like the last picture best – weren’t we all glad when that two tier wallpaper thing went out of fashion and is that a big box of matches in front of you?


    • Two tier wallpaper. What a sin. And so LOUD! Why all the mental colours?! And I’m not definitely sure but I think perhaps the match box is just closer to the camera…. Don’t quote me though.


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