The Crazies

Did anyone else see this film on TV last night? Was anyone else getting a bit scared? I was.

The story goes like this: a plane carrying chemical weapons crashes into a lake, the water supply to a little town becomes infected, people start going crazy, the infection becomes airborne, the army come to isolate the town and destroy it. 

In amongst all this are the sheriff and his wife, who is the town’s doctor. They are not infected so they try to escape.  Given that every place they go is filled with crazy people, do you find the following behaviour acceptable?

1. Sheriff guy walking down a street, hears a noise in the funeral parlour place, runs inside to find out what’s going on. Runs inside a funeral parlour. What on earth? If there are people being all crazy just in the streets, it’s probably going to be worse in there. Leave it alone. He inevitably gets attacked by the crazed funeral man. 

2. Sheriff and wife get to their house and are packing up some things to take on their escape. Wife starts wandering around in the baby room cause she’s pregnant and was going, “Sob, sob, this was going to be the baby’s room.” Ok, we don’t have time to be pottering about at leisure having emotional moments, for starters. Secondly, there are crazies everywhere. Everywhere. Sure enough, there’s a crazy in the baby room who ties wife up. Sheriff hears a noise, goes upstairs, almost gets killed by a crazy.

3. As they are driving, a helicopter goes overhead. They pull into a car wash to hide. There is a whole crazies attack then the helicopter blows up the car, without them in it, phew. They then choose, of all the routes they could choose, to walk out in the big wide road, in plain view of any other helicopters waiting to blow up anything that moves.

4. They reach a police checkpoint and the deputy, who is with them, says he’ll create a distraction and they should escape under the bridge. Yep, fine, all goes to plan. Then they run off down the middle of a road surrounded by grass and shrubbery and make no attempt to hide.

5. They get to a gas station. He’s like “Stay here.” So she stays there. Outside. Alone. And he goes inside. Alone. Two stupid things happen next. Wife starts wandering around, looking round corners and in old trucks.  As you do when there are a load of crazies loose. Sheriff, on the other hand, instead of grabbing the nearest food and drink and getting out ASAP, starts having a little wander.  He’s poking about, having a little nose around in a leisurely manner.  Cause that’s what you do when the crazies are hanging around, right?

6. They find each other again after a little scare and they’re sitting in the cafe bit going “Phew. We found each other again.  Phew. Close one.” Then he goes, “Stay here,” and walks off and she’s all like, “Yeh, no big deal.  Only that every time we separate, one of us is attacked.” So she starts walking all around again, as though she’s at the park, kicking through the autumn leaves, not a care in the world. A crazy finds her but her and sheriff manage to reunite and find a truck to drive to get away. Again, they drive down the middle of the road, in plain sight of everyone. 

After this last silliness, they do manage to escape but not due to any stealth or clever planning on their part.

Ridiculous, right? I mean, everyone knows that when the crazies visit town and the army are trying to decimate you, you stick together and stay under cover. Surely?

Well, if the crazies visit you today, take my advice.  You won’t regret it.

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  1. Yes, I have actually seen this movie – It is a remake of a 1973 horror film with the same title. The original was by George Romero [Famous for the original black and white ‘Night of the Living Dead,’ as well as many other films. The remake is arguably better, though, due to a much bigger budget, better special effects, etc. Anyway, have a great one over there! 🙂


  2. Too funny, Laura. Sounds like Alfred Hitchcock gone wrong… 🙂


    • It was rather. They just kept walking off from each other and not even bothering to hide or be safe. Technically, they should have died first due to their extreme silliness.


  3. Posted by Alex Jones on October 15, 2013 at 12:54

    What a crazy film. Great advice Laura, I shall remember the advice when I visit any busy town or city centre in the UK on a Friday night.


  4. Just reading that was stressful– this is how I feel when I watch the Walking Dead. No giving passionate speeches/sobbing when the undead/crazies are nearby. And seriously– what’s with running through an open space?


    • Omg. I can’t even cope. And the thing where they talk or breathe quite loudly when zombies are near and they’re supposed to be hiding so they don’t get killed. And that’s the moment they choose to start chatting/panting.


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