Things I will never be

A scientist
My mind is blown by things like space and the intricacies of photosynthesis. There’s no way I could get my head round the Higgs-Boson, no matter how much Brian Cox tries to put it in layman’s terms for me.

A long term addict
With anything. I think I’m a bit too lazy to really put work into developing a drug/drink addiction. I’d have found some cake to eat before then and wandered off.

I’m just not a polished type of gal, unfortunately. I love the idea that I’m all neat and put-together looking.  You know what I mean. When you look at someone and think, “They’ve taken a minute to think about how they look.” It’s extremely unlikely that I appear that way when I leave the house. My anti-brushing tactic in relation to my hair gives me away in a second.

An animal/child doctor
I don’t like things which are illogical. Animals and children are both illogical and don’t understand sound reasoning. The child/cat/hamster would be all struggling and squealing and I’d be like, “Don’t be so stupid! I’m trying to make you better, you idiot!”

Pet owner/mother
See above. Besides, if there was something else jumping about and requiring my attention, when would I bake cakes?

A lover of programs about machines
There seem to be a lot on at the moment. Extreme Ship Engineering is the latest. Well, I don’t know what it’s called but it’s something like that. It’s a massive ship and they’ll stand next to the big blade things and the pipe things for about half an hour enthusiastically discussing how it works and how to clean it and how to fix it. I’ve tried, people. I’ve tried to watch it and be more informed and aware, to expand my horizons and interests. It didn’t work. When watching the clothes on the clothes horse dry had taken up more of my interest, I realised it was time to change the channel.

8 responses to this post.

  1. You could create a forum on this topic. I can’t stand DIY shows or Property programmes or Golf for that matter, can’t think of any more boring a thing to show on TV. Thank you for providing venting space


  2. This post gave me a good giggle, particularly because I agree with the scientist, addict, and polished ones. I could also never be a teacher (or anyone who deals with kids on a daily basis) because I have no patience for insolence and I would definitely end up fired or jailed if a kid decided to curse at me or otherwise be a little b@st@rd. lol


  3. I will never be polished again either. It’s no coincidence that the last time I wore makeup was the day before I went into labor.


  4. I will never be polished. On our trip I resolved to stop wearing makeup and no one can tell the difference. I won’t be an addict either. I have problems figuring out people who one day say, “I think I’ll snort some drain cleaner today and see how that goes.”


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