Cleaning and counting and piles of dirt

I bet you thought this’d be a pretty boring post about the fact that I spent hours cleaning up the Orangery and stock counting yesterday, didn’t you?

Um…. yeh.

I’m going to put pictures in to keep your attention, right? So don’t go off all annoyed, thinking I’ve suddenly got boring.

First picture.


See? I told you it’d be good. That’s the floor. Those with good observational skills will notice that I’ve moved all the furniture to the top section at the back, in order to clean the floor better.

Are you making notes, everyone? That’s my first top tip today. Move the furniture out of the way, if you want to give a more thorough clean.

Next picture.


This is the dirt I have accumulated by sweeping.

Fascinating stuff, isn’t it? Notice the half eaten piece of buttered bread in amongst the dirt there? I can also report that there was an Iced Gem (who remembers those?) and a leaflet about Chichester Parish Church. Fascinating.

After all this cleanliness, it was time for a bit of counting. Hands up, who’s good at counting! Well, at one stage, I had to count all the teabags so I started pulling the boxes of tea out of the cupboard. A box of peppermint tea was feeling a little rebellious and wouldn’t come out of the cupboard. Rather than have a look at what it was caught on, I just kept pulling and eventually, this happened.


Top tip number two: don’t just keep pulling the box if it doesn’t want to move.

After that, I scrubbed down the wooden tables and the potwash machine. Then the potwash had a fliddy cause it doesn’t like being cleaned. So I stood and watched it freak out and ate a crisp sandwich. Cause I’m so gourmet.

Now, children. Wasn’t that fascinating? Didn’t you enjoy that little story about cleaning and counting? Isn’t your day much improved now? I thought so.

I aim to please, readers.

*inspiration is low today, clearly*

2 responses to this post.

  1. I am wondering why the box of tea bags wouldn’t move. You can’t just leave that one. Don’t say you didn’t find out why it was stuck. I need answers!


    • My suspicion is that something wet may have got into the cupboard, causing the box to become damp and then when it dried out, it got sort of stuck to the shelf, if you see what I mean.


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