My talented friends

Do you remember me telling you all a little while ago, about having talented friends? Well, I’m going to tell you again because my fabulous friend, Will, is about to take over the music world with his band, My Good Man William. I thought it’d be good for us to listen to some of his music so that when he’s doing gigs at the Queen’s house, we can all be like, “I was totally listening to him before he was famous.”

This one is my favourite a) because it’s brilliant and b) because they’re playing it on the District line on the London Underground.

Aren’t they great? Yeh, I knew you’d think so.

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  1. I like this a lot. Reminds me of Passenger’s early stuff before he charted.

    Especially nice touch having the underground chick annoucing the stops. The only downer was that the tube was headed to Richmond. Mine heads towards Wimbledon…


    • But all the cool kids are in Richmond. Didn’t you know that?


      • Cool, RICH kids maybe? The cool, unemployed ones are in Wimbeldon.

      • Yeh, that’s why it’s called RICHmond, my dear. (Who the hell knows how I ended up here then?)

      • Is that actually true? Wow. You learn something new every day.

        Well if we miss one another in Fjaroabyggo, I’ll come see you there. You can pay for lunch.

      • If I say yes to the RICHmond fact, will you believe me? And does the same logic go for GRIMsby and LiverPOOl?

        Can you imagine if we messed up the meeting time in Fjaroabyggo?! That would be embarrassing! It’d make for a good post though.

        I will obviously pay for lunch by just going, “RICHmond is nice, isn’t it?” to the waiter and then they give you free stuff. You know like celebrities get loads of freebies? That’s what it’s like in RICHmond.

      • LiverPOOl was just one step too far Laura… Otherwise you totally would’ve had me convinced.

        All jokes aside, I actually think it would be quite nice to meet in Richmond. Not as a ‘date’ as such. But more, two bloggers meeting to discuss important topics like:

        How many lengths of the pool I could do before I drowned?
        Which one of those cities is actually closest to that volcano?
        Whether you chums will ever have a top 10 single?
        And when that all gets a bit boring, we can talk about tits, cock and muff..?

        Think about it!

      • Interesting LazyLaura fact of the day – I’m actually from LiverPOOl and I can confirm that there doesn’t seem to be any more poo there than any other place I’ve lived. Or any more liver, for that matter.

  2. […] few days ago, my wonderful friend, Will (of My Good Man William), suggested we meet for coffee and a catch up. Maybe we went to the new […]


  3. Posted by Soph on November 8, 2013 at 20:58

    This stuff is great! Nice to see genuine British talent (i.e. that can sing, play instruments and write songs) and that doesn’t need to go through xfactor or such shows. Well done guys, keep going and I am sure you will make it!


  4. Thanks everyone for your kind comments, we’re always thoroughly encouraged by reading that people are enjoying our music. If anyone is interested our EP has just come out and is available on iTunes:

    Thanks all,


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