A letter to my brother

Dear Brother (and Sister-In-Law, actually – you are partly to blame),

Let me describe my last week to you. On Sunday evening, you both came for dinner. In casual conversation after eating, you mentioned Breaking Bad. And, might I add, Modern Family. Now this is where the problem lies. Did you really need to mention them both? How about just one and leave it til the next visit to drop the other one.

“Pfft!” said I, dismissively, in the voice of one who knows better. “What is this Breaking Bad of which everyone speaks? I don’t go in for these big commercial things that are marketed to the masses. Like The Da Vinci Code which, by the way, I never read.”

“Well, it’s about a Chemistry teacher who makes a load of crystal meth to make money quick because he’s ill,” I was told.

Wait a minute, that sounds interesting.

“And this Modern Family thing. It looks a bit silly. But I do remember reading somewhere that Barack Obama liked it.”

“That’s great too. You have to see it,” said Brother and Sister-In-Law. “It’s on Netflix. Have you got a Netflix account?”

And so, before I could say ThereGoesMySocialLife, Danda had set up a Netflix account and we were on episode 2 of Modern Family. It hooked me immediately and we didn’t move from the sofa until after midnight.

I mean, WTF…. why the face? (If you haven’t watched Modern Family, that made no sense. )

The last six days have mainly consisted of late nights and tiredness. But I do have something to show for it, some achievement; most of the 1st series of Modern Family and almost two series of Breaking Bad.

Never mind that this week has also consisted of a few early mornings (on not much sleep) and a terrible cold and sore throat. No! The important thing has been the extremely active Netflix account.

If the Netflix account was a pair of shoes, it would be tattered and torn and letting the rainwater in. Just saying.

Yours sincerely,

P.S. While I’m at it, you’re also getting the blame for the full washing basket and lack of clean clothes and the fact that I lost my Oyster card last week and can’t be bothered to look for it.

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  1. What’s an Oyster card, Laura?


  2. Laura,
    I feel your pain but am in even more pain for a couple of reasons. I have watched all there is to watch on Breaking Bad and now it is gone forever. Also, are you watching this on dvd or streaming? Because I can’t get Modern Family on Netflix streaming which is upsetting to say the least. Ty Burrell (Phil) is an old friend of Derwood’s, they used to make up movies and videotape them back in their 20s. I need to have those put on DVD.

    It’s only 20 degrees here so you don’t have to work in the yard this weekend.

    xo mag


  3. Aaahhh, sounds so familiar… I’ve lost weeks to back to back episodes of B B as well, and many others, but I want you on my nice list, so I’ll keep them to myself. Hope you’re feeling better!


  4. My daughter has mentioned both shows and they do sound interesting. However, she has also mentioned “The Walking Dead” and “Bones” and now I am knee-deep into both. Fortunately, I am caught up on TWD. However, I have watched almost 5 seasons of “Bones” in about 6 weeks. I understand your dilemma. I will watch both the other shows eventually, but I also forgot about “Orange is the New Black” which took me away from nearly everything for the two weeks it took to watch all of them.


  5. […] a ghost tour guide. 6. Made this (the website, not the art) 7. Became addicted to Candy Crush, Breaking Bad and Modern Family. 8. Purchased the most expensive (but most worth it) book I’ve ever owned. 9. Discovered […]


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