My excuse (in lists)

Ok, I know it’s been forever and you’ve all been totally lost without your daily dose of my highly intellectual thought-provoking philosopical musings (humour me) so I feel I need to explain my long absence. Rumour has it that you readers love a good list. So here’s my excuse/explanation in lists.

Ten things I have done whilst not blogging:

1. Sniffing
2. Sneezing
3. Coughing
4. Breathing like Darth Vader.
5. Taking afternoon tea in fancy restaurants.


6. Cheffing at Ham House (think Michel Roux with long hair)
7. Walking in Richmond Park
8. Opening Christmas presents

9. Drinking tea

10. Chilling with this buddle of joy

So you see? I have been all-out busy. The sniffing and sneezing is getting on for a full month and it’s quite quite tiring. I was so looking forward to feeling better when a new cold arrived in my head and for the past two days I have been out of it, able only to read my amazing sexy new book about Ham House….

…and do something else that it’s time I admitted.

And so to my next list – five ways in which my life has changed since discovering Candy Crush.

1. It was the first thing my friend and I spoke about the first time we had a conversation when she got back from Japan. JAPAN. Where she had been living. I’m not even sure we spoke about Japan at all.
2. My life is split into half hour increments while I wait for a new life. Those half hour waits are the worst thing ever.
3. I can no longer concentrate on things which aren’t brightly coloured and in groups of three.
4. My friends have become numbers – the number of the level they’re up to.
5. As a normally cautious person, I have started taking my phone into the bath with me, so I don’t miss any playing time.

Are you starting to understand now, why I haven’t been able to blog? I’ve been doing very important things.

Was everyone’s Christmas day lovely? Mine was. I went to Richmond Park, ate lots and saw some of my favourite people. O, and let’s do another list – new year’s resolutions.

1. Walk in the park more. Because it’s beautiful and very close and the deer are fabulous.
2. Stop being ill. I’m fed up of it now.
3. Blog!

Anyone got any better ones? Mine are feeble. I’m blaming my month of illness.

I’ve missed you all, my blogging friends. Pretend you’ve missed me too, won’t you?

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  1. Posted by Alex Jones on January 2, 2014 at 19:47

    I missed you! Speedy recovery! Oh and a prosperous 2014, which means good health, happiness and abundance of… truffles.


  2. Candy Crush is an extreme sport. I found that out when I dropped my tablet on my face while playing it in bed and split my lip!


  3. Oh, and where is that afternoon tea?


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  5. Sounds rather like my Christmas. Walking in beautiful countryside – well sea side – overkill on gaming ( yes, Candy Crush is a crushing waste of my time but clearly addictive!) and a massive cold! Happy New Year to you.


    • Apart from the cold, it sounds good. I just hope there’s a final level in Candy Crush and that I’m not enslaved to it for the rest of my life. I hope your new year is fabulous!


  6. I laughed so hard at “Breathing like Darth Vader.” I know the feeling too well!


  7. […] also have something else to admit. Remember how I said one of my resolutions was to walk in the park more. Um. Well. I’ve been once since New Year. Yeh. Woops. Maybe […]


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