Yogic aspirations

[Disclaimer: This is a very boring post. You probably shouldn’t read it.]


Is ‘yogic’ a word? Well, if it’s not already, I’m making it a word. There. See? It’s a word now.


I guess I’m kind of writing about the fact that I have a ‘to do’ list in front of me and it’s 13:54 and I’m sitting on the sofa. Where I’ve been sitting since about 9.30am. I really need to find a job where this is acceptable behaviour. I’d be soooo rich. The yoga mat is rolled out on the floor. It does not look tempting. I’m not a yoga-hater or anything but using it will require me to get up and go stand on it. My ability to do this is hampered by my sitting-on-the-sofa thing.


Other things on my ‘to do’ list include, but are not limited to; washing, doing the dishes, putting clothes in the washing machine, going for a walk in the park, posting a letter, going to the shop to get milk, taking the Christmas decorations down, etc etc. It goes on. When did this become my life? Running basic tasks have to go on a ‘to do’ list before I can consider doing them? 2014 needs to be the year when I stop being so feeble. 


14:00 Right. I’m going to do them. Now that I’ve put them on a list, I am obliged. The internet has recorded it. Where to start? Any suggestions? I guess I’ll take the Christmas decorations down first. I might need to ask Danda to come back to help me. And maybe a few of the neighbours. I’ll make a little start on it.

14:05 Ok, one thing crossed off list. Next. O god. All the options look really boring. I guess I should wash the dishes?

14:35 Dishes washed and kitchen tidied. Wow, this post just got MEGA interesting, didn’t it? I’m sorry to subject you all to this but it’s the only way to make myself actually do things, it seems. I guess I should wash myself at some point today. And I guess now is as good a time as any.

15:00 People! I have lots to report! Not only have I washed, I have also washed my hair and put some clothes in the washing machine! Never let it be said that I don’t go the extra mile for you. (I have to talk to you all about my hair a bit later. It’s very important.) I have also put a leg of lamb in the oven with a load of rosemary from the garden and dried oregano. I will slow roast it for five hours until dinner time. It seemed an appropriate method of cooking because it kind of reflects me today – slow roasted. 

15:05 It is becoming harder to avoid the things on my to do list which require me to leave the house. Dammit. I can post the letter and get milk in one go so I suppose I should get dressed and give that a go. Sorry, sofa. I’m off to bigger and better things.

15:15 Getting dressed wasn’t actually on my to do list but it feels like a pretty big step in my day so I thought I’d let you know that it has happened. 

16:30 Time flies when you’re having fun! I went out to do something which should have taken two seconds and didn’t I just see everyone in the world who I know? My favourite colleague was at the deli so we had to have the ‘How was your Christmas?’ chat. Then one of Danda’s close friends came in so we sat down for a coffee and some nibbles. Then two deli regulars popped in and the Christmas chat was needed again. Then another deli regular came in and there was more chat to be had. Then, as I was trying to leave, my gallery owner friend said hi so I had to go in and look at the art and have the chat again. Everywhere I turned, there were people I liked saying hello. So now it’s a bit dark so I’ve had to sacrifice the walk in the park. The yoga mat is still looking at me. What else can I do first?

16:40 Just completed a task that has needed my attention for a long while. Remember my worms? My lovely, irritatingly active worms? Who were making compost for me? Well, during the cold weather I felt a bit concerned about them, in their high up box, exposed as they were to the elements. Danda convinced me that it was the right thing to do, to let them free into the garden. They had done a good job composting for me and I had lots of beautiful compost but perhaps their shift was over. It was time to release them. So for the past few weeks, I’ve been meaning to let them free in the garden and I’ll just get some more when the weather goes nicer and start composting again. But I felt like a mother, unwilling to let them move on and lead their own lives, free from my apron strings. But today, I put it on my to do list and therefore I had to do it. Had to. And I have, my friends, I have. I did it to delay the inevitable yoga session.

16:55 I lasted three minutes. Too much upside down stuff doing downward dog and filled my head with snot. Session over. Probably time to start on this from my to do list.

16:57 Danda home. To do list abandoned. A friend is coming over for dinner to share the lamb. Need to go and buy vegetables and juice. We’ll talk about my hair another day.


Now, wasn’t that inspiring? 


8 responses to this post.

  1. Ha ha ha Laura! I love it! I’m glad to see I am not the only one with a) yogic aspirations and b) a need some days to put even the simplest of tasks on a list or I won’t do anything. Although children do not allow me the comfort of my sofa and I being close! Keep on keeping on- “oh what a world my parents gave me” xxx


    • I still listen to that album all the time! I have not become a mother since Namibia and a large part of the reason for that is that I feel it would affect my relationship with my sofa. It is an important relationship in my life and I wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardise that. Even when I do manage to do yoga, the sofa knows I’m not away for long 🙂


  2. I have to say, once you get going, you are actually pretty fast! And that includes your yoga session..


    • Yup! Three minutes is all you need if you’re speedy gonzales like me! There was no crazily dressed man to keep my attention so I tuned out pretty quick 🙂


  3. Posted by Maggie Thom on January 8, 2014 at 14:17

    Thank you for the laugh and your play by play of getting motivated and things done. Loved it. 🙂


  4. Roasted lamb is always inspiring. Do deep stretch yoga or yin yoga then you don’t have to do anything upside down. It’s quite pleasant.


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