Things that have been interesting recently

Yes, I know. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get back to blogging. And yes, I have been sadly absent ever since I said that. I have no more excuses apart from laziness. I shall try to do better. I promise.

Anyway, I have learned a lot recently and I thought I might share a bit of that with you.

1. When deciding to “experiment” with one’s cool new hairdo, going to bed with it wet is definitely NOT recommended. The fluffbomb look is so not the way forward.

2. Crepitus is the sound that broken bones make when they knock against each other. Nice. (Learned that on a First Aid course last week.)

3. That saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone,” is true. My favourite flask and I were parted when I left him at the First Aid course on Friday. I then spent three hours yesterday journeying across London to be reunited with him.

4. Expecting to have a relaxed few weeks is pretty much an invitation for the busiest few weeks ever.

5. When someone is injured on e.g. their leg, when putting them in the recovery position, you want to roll them onto their injured side. Also, if they’re pregnant, you want to try and roll them onto their left side. I forget why.

6. It is kinda hard to breathe when someone bandages you under your chin when practising what to do with head injuries.

7. I love bus journeys. When going to the First Aid course, I chose to do the 1 hour bus journey every day rather than the 20 minute train journey. Give me a book and a flask of tea and I could’ve sat there all day.

8. Not going to the dentist is not cool. Danda’s been ignoring a painful tooth for months and finally went to the dentist, who had to take it out cause it was too badly infected. It took the dentist TWO HOURS to get the tooth out and Danda has now had a sore swollen face for days.

9. Sometimes babies prefer books to food.


10. Probably the most interesting thing I have recently learned is that books like this exist.

I also have something else to admit. Remember how I said one of my resolutions was to walk in the park more. Um. Well. I’ve been once since New Year. Yeh. Woops. Maybe I’ll go today. It’s this damn sofa, though. It’s so comfy.

O god, I’m watching the music channel and Michael Buble just came on. Save me.

16 responses to this post.

  1. I believe I may have read that Pet book. It was a Secret Santa gift for someone I’m sure. A cracking read too.


  2. Get outside and blog more!


  3. Totally agree with number 4. And, by the way, short hair definitely suits you. Well done.


  4. Just flow with your inability to do some things. Don’t worry yourself over them. But, once in a while, force yourself to take that first step. I have to do that all the time. Once I start, then I can finish.


  5. Hahahaha you took a flask to a first aid course? You’re my hero.


    • Well, you don’t want to catch pneumonia through lack of tea, do you? You have to think about your own health too when you’re on a first aid course.


      • Haha very true– you must take care of yourself first. Also: I was assuming the flask had alcohol in it, but maybe that’s not the case here.

      • Those first aid courses can be boring, you know. You gotta liven things up a bit. (Actually, I’m just trying to sound fun and cool. I’m teetotal and it was in fact tea.)

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