Spring rolls at Darling Harbour

Today was Darling Harbour day. After walking Yaya to school, we headed into Sydney to check out Darling Harbour. You can go around different boats and a submarine and it is really interesting.


One of the main things I found interesting was that, on the replica 16th century sailing ship, at the front of the ship, there was a little wooden seat thing where the sailors would go to the toilet. No privacy, nothing really to hold on to, a bit on display at the very front of the ship, very high risk of falling over board. I just don’t know who approved this madness.

One of the things we noticed that we very much approved of was the attention paid to making sure the tea equipment was safe.


The submarine was cool too. Very cramped. You’d have to really get along with your submarine friends.


After exploring the boats etc, we sat down to a tasty lunch of duck spring rolls overlooking the harbour….


…then we came back and built a barbecue…


….and watched the sun set.


Day two complete.

6 responses to this post.

  1. mmm…it looks so warm and wonderful there. Have fun! :]


  2. Jesus, you did more in one day than I’ll do in 6 months. Sounds like a perfect day – especially the toilet and the duck spring rolls.


  3. What a great post, thanks for sharing.


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